DCS: Normandy WW2


Lol, yeeeeeees.


Came back to view bunyap2w1’s screenshots again. Damn but those are fine screenshots!


OK…grumble, grumble…that was more fun that I’d like to admit…


…and I even survived BOTH my first takeoff and first landing…(reduced power is your friend apparently…)


Nearly everything that can wrong with landing on the wheelies is basically because people cross threshold too fast. We’re used to jets falling out the sky I think.


I accidentally landed 3-point…is the P-51 a drive on the wheels and lower the tail plane?


Did you walk away from it?..


This is why I prefer the Pacific.

Cross the back of the boat at 90 knots, gear and hook down. Be it the wire or the barrier, one way or another you’re going to stop.


I did…! To my great surprise!


3-point is the goal. You can roll out on two wheels but you’re taking your chances with pranging the spinner. Flair and touch them all.


True that. 3-point in any wind is the best way to go. Save the wheel landings for the airshow.


Seems like it, I always get a bit wobbly when seeing three point landings, that tiny tailwheel and the poor stresses it has to endure :wink:


As long as you don’t slam it too hard it should be fine. TBH I don’t recall ever damaging a tail wheel on a landing in all my years of simming. Main wheels, prop…oh yes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The tail wheel has only ever been shot off in combat, leading to a troubled landing later when that tail touched…

As for the tree collision, well I guess it’s better than passing thru them like ghosts, but I’m not a big fan of solid rebar concrete tree sculptures painted realistically. :smile: The plane should definitely suffer wingtip damage, but the impact-induced left spin seemed to be a little too far the other way.

In other words, tip sheared off good, crazy flat spin too much.


That’d be ideal…but if we are given the option of trees we can fly through, or trees that are concrete…I’ll take the concrete. I want a penalty for being stupid.


Absolutely. Its also a small price to pay to have the advantages los blocking gives


Should also see in that video that I managed to skim off of a tree during my crash landing that didn’t result in a spin. Sparky, yes, but no spin :slight_smile:

I am ok with this. The new trees are fabulous!


Demote yourself back to FO and you’ll get that every day… :wink:


Re-becoming an FO would be great. No paperwork, minimal responsibility, can point to the Captain and say “I told you so” when things go wrong…

“I told you that patient wouldn’t fit through the door…”


Not so so great on pay day though :wink: .


But Beach, what can be better than your current situation: flying with your FAVORITE captain every flight?