DCS: Normandy WW2


He IS handsome. So there’s that.

…and smart…

…and witty…

…did I mention Yeager-ish piloting skills…?


And seniority!
I’ve been a FO for 17 years now. 12 with my current company. I’m the most senior FO at my home base, which means I’m off on weekends and can pick my vacations… There are rumors of upgrades come fall. I must say, I have mixed feelings about that :slight_smile:


Plus there’s still time to hope they’d refine it.
Even post launch.


Hey Komemiute, don’t you dare drive this thread back on topic! You are interupting professional pilots talking about ourselves. (Grab a good book. This could take awhile) :slight_smile:



I heard somebody say something about professional pilots talking about themselves, well relax everybody, I’m here… let the talking begin :wink: ( before near blind shows up and feels the need to remind me I’m but a lowly wso I will put my retort in that i still have more stick time in an f-15 than he does )



This is why the Navy doesn’t give the GIbbos flight controls. You let them fly the jet for five minutes and they start thinking they’re people.


Topics are just for starting threads… :wink:


Pilots are people? I thought they were more like monkeys!


When I did my military service in the SwAF, as a Crewchief/Mechanic, the commonly used term for pilot was “Spak Apa” or “Stick Monkey” :slight_smile:


Oooh I’ve gotta remember that one!


Release date for we plebs is next Friday



Well, put an infinite number of pilots in a room with an infinite number of typewriters and you just might get a screenplay as good as Top Gun…


Convergence towards the Top Gun script works only in theory.

IRL the convergence stagnates, as surveys with finite numbers of fighter pilots have shown that after a short while they tend to take off their shirts, apply generous amounts of baby oil to their upper bodies and spend their time playing Beach Volleyball or engaging in homoerotic poses.


yep. And after that, the Hornet news and hype can commence.


And after that the f111 hype can begin…or i’m gonna blow a vein in the membrane


I have a question for those with early access to the normandy map: how is anti-aliasing working? I mean, is it as good as in 1.5-2.0?.

In most screens of the Normandy map, I see quite strong aliased edges so I wonder if something changed here or just it’s a lack of AA use.


Matt is flying the F-15 on Normandy :slight_smile:


So glad to see they fixed the sun shine problem in the water’s surface :slight_smile:

Now I wish they also surprise us with the effect I mentioned few posts above and they will nail it! (the big glare reflecting around the sun shine in the sea) :heart_eyes:

great video!