DCS: Normandy WW2


Are you the guardian of release time statistics?


Thanks, hope it get released earlier :sweat: , thats quite late and my internet connection is as fast as a lame turtle :cry:


Its a dirty job but someone has to do it :smiley:


How much faster is an awesome turtle?


Not much I guess :joy:


Awesome turtle has no need for speed to be awesome.


My Gb fiber is chopping at the bit to get at the normandy.torrent. :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp:


Downloading 2.1 now, so I can download Normandy…


EXTREMELY slow download…damn!! :sob:


F-86F PBR Ready Liveries Dump (Still being Tweaked, so I tend to upload new dumps every week or so.)


I think this dump was mainly correcting Active Duty Interior Bay Colors.

Speculars for Active Duty are still being adjusted, along with the FJ-3 Mockups.


Thanks @SkateZilla! Some great work there!


cancelled to try with my smartphone 4g and now using “dcs_updater.exe update” from cmd always tells me its up to date in 2.0.5…:sob:


It’s possible that they haven’t rolled it out to all the mirrors for the auto updater.


but it was working before, shouldnt it work after also?..damn, cant believe it…:cry:


EDIT: don’t do that, tis a silly thing.


thanks man, will that delete the files already downloaded?? because I have 4gb…also, in the own file it says “warning, do not edit this file”…


No Clue. My hunch says probably not, but I’ve got no idea how it actually works.


ok, thanks!


it doesnt work…:no_mouth:

EDIT: worked after a hell of a lot of times trying…200kb/s though…


Just started seeing v2.1 for me as well, seems like it takes some time to update all the mirrors. 30 Peers, downloading at full connection bandwidth.

Hefty footprint though, 14 gigs worth of updates with only NTTR installed.