DCS: Normandy WW2


I haven’t had the time to check it out yet, but yes everyone is eerily quiet, perhaps everyone is rather busy?


We are all in France Duh :wink:


4 years of anticipation left people with unrealistic expectations. The 2.1 version is just as much a WIP as 2.0 was when NTTR released. It will remain jacked up for quite a while as bugs get fixed and the engine is tweaked. While a normal development studio would (should) be able to hammer out a AAA title in 4 years (yes it would probably still have a day one patch and bugs), ED does not have the resources or man power of a AAA developer. So we get early-early access and wait years for the release version. I’m guilty of it myself, but we really shouldn’t have expected the new lighting and map to be release quality on day one.


First flight on my ageing PC, rather low framerate. Looks like it’ll be fun with helo’s!


Collidable trees.

Now lets hope they also do LOS blocking!


I think some of that is due to the dearth of missions and campaigns. It will take a while for the mission builders to catch up. Also, there are some features not working that would be fundamental in creating realistic missions, like the B-17 gunners not firing on enemy fighters. Probably the AI logic needs some advanced development, like how to prioritize targets, and what to do in various scenarios. Very much looking forward to the Spitfire campaign the @bunyap2w1 is developing, because I feel much more confident taking on the 109 in that than the Mustang at the moment.


The 229th has a Normandy server up with an open jungle style map with various troop concentrations. We have been having a lot of fun :slight_smile: If not before I will definitely be on Thursday PM


Sounds yummy!
Can it be accessed by the multiplayer server list in DCS?


Yes mate but its passworded. Will PM you the details if your interested :smiley:


Took a nice long flight in the P-51 and found a pretty little town called Aunay-sur-Odon (XV73). Don’t go looking for it. Its nothing special but it seemed like a nice spot to explore with the Huey. And it was! I put a little FARP nearby and reflew in the morning with a touch of fog. The color palette is a bit green and cold for my liking but forget that for a moment. It is very close to ARMA in appearance. The gentle rolling hills outside of town have the look, again, of ARMA or X-Plane. Very pretty. Makes me want to land next to a café and grab a bottle some local red and a big baguette and chat up a nice Vichy girl about how helicopters will turn the tide of the war.


That’s a cruel description with no accompanying screenshots. You savage - I’m gonna have to use my imagination now.


Sorry Beach! You are the screenshot guy. I figured that whatever I do will fail to do justice to the sim. Here’s something ARMA won’t do: Survivable tree collisions! I flew along the top of a tree at about 10 knots. When I saw a few branches graphically clip the chin bubble I figured that collisions aren’t absolute but then, BANG! It punched a hole in the plexiglass but otherwise no harm came to the Huey.


I’ll be online tonight, got my controls fixed up again! Thursday I got early shifts so I should be able to. Depends a bit on how early I will turn in.


Has DCS always had birds?

I am having a blast! Chasing trains while hedge-hoping in the Huey. Rocketing Tigers with the Mustang. Finding new methods of self-destruction. I always do this: I talk smack about something and then end up enjoying the heck out of it. :heart_eyes:


It did (?) but I didn’t notice them before. Travelling over the coast in DCS World 2.1 and it is pretty cool to see gulls circling around :slight_smile:


It did not. There was a “birds” slider, but that was a setting that determined the likeliness your engines would explode if you flew below 15m (simulating “bird strikes”). The gulls are a new thing in Normandy 2.somethingoranother.


There are gulls in NTTR as well. On Lake Mead, near the Hoover Dam.


AO sucks up cycles like a Dyson in a flour factory. I only use it on older games when it comes to forcing it on.

Newer games either have a built in version of AO that works fairly well or it brings your system to its knees when forced.

FXAA costs almost nothing in performance, and can make some severe aliasing look decent, but it can be at the cost of crispness in text, especially HUDs. I prefer MSAA if the hit isn’t too bad.


That must have been it.


Ride into the dangerzoneeee