DCS: Normandy WW2


I need to get used to collidable trees…


Stop hanging mini guns off every convenient hook ya noob and remember pull for power :smiley:


What are you?! The Huey Fashion Police? Have you not seen my mighty flames that signify my entry onto the airways! Only a tree will stop me!

EDIT: And even then, their stopping power only creates MORE FLAMES!


Less mini guns and more speakers! I can only imagine what kind of Psy Ops music that would play these days…I have my list for sure…LOL





That first picture reminds me of this


Nice skin you got there! :smiley:


Ugh, always makes me cringe that one…


:heart: :helicopter:


You People Just cost Me 60 Bucks! Ha ha ha ha. I had to do it. I bought the beautiful map and Assets pack. Shes a beauty. Now I got to get off the Assetto Corsa and get some stick time. Problem is my new wheel just got installed this weekend.
The lighting is leaps and bounds above anything I have ever seen before.


it would definitely worth 60 bucks … I love this map :slight_smile:



Small world. I hear that’s @klarsnow’s favorite song :slight_smile:





I thought that song’s 15 mins were up already…


New AI 3D inits in develop to “Assest Pack WW2”




Sd.Kfz.234.2 Puma

A-20G Boston

M-12 GMC 155mm


Whisky does noticias lo ve this? Great stuff