DCS Open Alpha NTTR Available!

Well, go get it! :smile:


It’s about a 1.8GB download (without the terrain module maybe at 26GB?) and uses the existing open-beta to delta from. Downloading quite quickly too.


…and of course this happens after I leave for work. 6pm can’t get here fast enough.


Good, you didnt notice that drone over your house, so ED knew when you left and could release NTTR :wink:

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Of course. Luckily the wife is at work late tonight, so I’ll have the house to myself tonight to make high speed passes down the Strip in the Flanker.

The installer seems to go through some stages of copying over the open beta files files, downloading a smaller update and then on to a big update of 1894 Mb. I’m guessing the map is a separate module download like any other DCS one, i.e. go to the module manager.

It offered a ‘Torrenting files, cancel to use HTTP’. Interesting psychology decision there, as everyone is in a rush so will probably hit ‘cancel’ but then the torrent gets slower as people won’t be peers for uploading and the HTTP gets crushed. The wisdom of crowds eh? :smile:

This is the great thing about being semi-retired and working from home. Today feels more like a ‘holiday’ than Thanksgiving did. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what will be included with the module as documentation but here is the chart I am using to plan my first mission while it downloads:

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That’s a nice chart - thanks!

Hmm, now at this stage if I hit cancel will it go from torrent to http? Before it mentioned number of peers, but now it doesn’t. Maybe it is already using HTTP so it’ll cancel for real. Decision, decisions…

EDIT: Ah, it’s a regular HTTP download for the 1.8GB update, with poor srv3.eagle.ru getting hammered. Gonna take a while for this bit.

Mhh Downloaded and installed the 2.0 client but there’s nothing under Module Manager → Available DLC → Terrain. Anyone else?

Best Cyber Monday ever :wink:

You can use the options ‘dcs_updater install NEVADA_terrain’ to download if it doesnt on its own.


Oo, nice - thanks.

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Thanks! 24595MB …

I can almost taste the sand and cheap booze! :wink:

…and I’ve loaded up Dos Gringos playlist for work while I wait and anticipate.

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Can someone post a final hard drive footprint when they have it all loaded so I can figure out what needs to go to get it onto my SSD.

Thanks in advance!

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I have commenced the 24 GB download phase. :smile: The speed is pretty decent, or as decent as my connection ever gets, with the torrent.

Here is a good step by step for the NTTR installation using cmd if anybody else was stuck. Something tells me this will be smoothed out soon and no longer be needed:


I’m sort of stuck at the pre-map 1.8GB update stage. I don’t think that bit uses torrent? I restarted it and I doesn’t show a peer count or anything. I’ve got 1GB left to download, and the rate is about 50KB/s, so that’s a shade under 6 hours before I can get to the (much faster) torrent map bit.

I think if I keep cancelling it then it’ll eventually talk to the server giving the torrent info (when that comes back up). I think the swarm sort of died.

EDIT: Yep, the torrent died. Will try tomorrow.

Yeah, the hoops are mostly for Alpha, I would expect the full release, and even the Open Beta version to by much more like we are used to.

So I’m typically hacking around, trying to make it faster. :smile:

I’m at the stage of the ‘middle’ download of the 1.8 GB bit but I’ve got a theory/idea to speed it up a bit. Still working things out (i.e. may be wrong) I think there are three things to download for DCS 2.0 and NTTR:

  1. The copy of the 1.5 open beta deltas. That 2.0 base DCS World is the first 161.2 MBytes update.

  2. The 1.5 modules copied to update to 2.0. That’s about 2 GB if you have them all. This is the stage that seems to have trouble finding a torrent seed, so it falls back to HTTP and we all get a poor hammered server. This is the step I’m trying to make faster.

  3. The NTTR map. This seems to be torrenting ok, but I haven’t got to that bit.

So my workaround for (2) is to make my open beta 1.5 modules delta install as small as possible, i.e. I want to fly in NTTR today and don’t care about using the Dora. What I’m experimenting on is the following:

If you are nowhere near the step (2) 1.8 GB download stage and your HTTP is under 50 KB/s then consider cancelling it and doing the following:

(a) Cancel updater. Go to your OpenAlpha directory.

(b) rename the _downloads directory.

(c) Go to your 1.5 open beta directory and either edit your autoupdate.cfg to remove all the modules but one or perhaps move the ‘mods/aircraft’ directories out to somewhere safe. I’m personally just leaving the Huey (I’m rationalizing that the default free aircraft should be left alone and I want to try the Huey today). Maybe even move the non-aircraft modules too, i.e. Combined Arms. I guess the proper way to do this is within the module manager of 1.5 and uninstall mods.

(d) Restart your open alpha updater, it’ll now do the step (1) again using a torrent but when it gets to step (2) the amount to download over HTTP should be much much smaller.

(e) You get to the torrent of stage (3)

I’ll give it a go. Just thought I’d share.

EDIT: Yeah, that doesn’t work. :smile: Still shows a 1.8GB download with HTTP at 30 KB/s. I wonder if the modules list is stored somewhere else, or just that my theory is rubbish?

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anyone got their hands on a changelog? besides the new map?