DCS OpenXR Quickstart Guide for G2 and other WMR headsets

have you seen this?
any Mudspiker tried it?
seems promising…

(with 2 small kids hadn’t the time to try it myself… yet…)


As reported in the other thread, I ran a short test, then reverted. It’s raw. Very fiddly to get to work, but the potential is there. Im keeping a close eye and will try again in a version or two :wink:


which thread? lost it!

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@fearlessfrog mentioned that this probably needs its own thread, so I good with this being it. Just my $.02.

I tried it. I seem to be able to start DCS from a WMR virtual desktop icon most of the time without doing the blank wall dance. Occasionally will get a black screen.

I like the fact that you don’t have the flashing or stutters during mission or game launch, but rather a series of black screens. Potato tomato. Mission launches seen a little quicker?

Image quality without reshade a little better perhaps, but miss reshade. Will try OpenXR Toolkit time permitting. Traveling for a week beginning today.


I have it up and running, along with the OpenXR Toolkit… Yes, it’s a bit fiddle to set up, but well worth the effort IMHO. It gives me very smooth VR. ED should implement this natively.

Now I just need someone to do this for Condor 2 and I’ll be happy as a pig in ….mud.


I just gave it another go. No longer as fiddly to start up and the gains are well worth the hassle of setting it up. Now imma try that toolkit thing.


The guide has been updated with newer versions of both OpenComposite and OpenXR Toolkit. Since I’m not using Reshade.me anymore, I began playing around with the contrast and brightness settings in the OpenXR Toolkit. I’m getting a better image for sure, but not up there with the reshade yet. One thing is nice is that the OpenXR Toolkit takes a higher resolution screenshot than the the NVidia overlay.

I cropped out the VR mask, but IMO, it still looks much better than using other methods for screen capture in VR. Settings are VR preset with MSAA x 2.

Another how-to video.


(Sigh) - I’ve followed this video to a ‘T’, and I cannot for the life of me even get the damned VR to run any longer. I think I’ll attempt HaraKiri with a butter knife. This is killin’ me. I’ll buy an hour with an expert if anyone’s available. Please PM me. TIA.

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Hey whareagle, I can jump on the Mud discord tonight after 2130 EDT. Are you Mt or Paciffic?

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Thanks for bringing OpenXR to my attention, I finally got a chance to try it last night, and it’s a major difference over VRperfkit. Textures are much prettier, clearer, and performance seems better.

Easy as pie to set up, just repair DCS (search for extra files and remove, etc). I used the mod manager installation option in the ED forums, made it very simple and reversible.


Chip - Sorry I missed this earlier. I’m GMT-7 now since moving to Reno (BTW - EVERYONE HERE IS INVITED TO THE BALLOON RACES AND THE AIR SHOW IN SEPTEMBER!!!) but I need to work today and this evening. May I PM you with a ph# for texting?

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Sure no problem. I don’t think that it will take long.

After running DCS in VR using OpenXR instead of SteamVR, with some minor tweaking, IMHO the image quality and colors are much better than SteamVR. In fact DCS through my G2 has never looked better. And - I haven’t had a single crash in VR yet, which is quite the contrast to how buggy SteamVR/DCS has been lately.

Edit: Has anyone tried this in another sim besides MSFS? I’d really like to see how it looks with Assetto Corsa.

Initially, it seemed on the dull side, but I bumped Gamma to 3.0, and in the OpenXR ToolKit, bumped contrast to 51 and brightness to 55. The contrast setting is very sensitive, so if you move it to something like 55, anything gray scale turns to black. I’d like to know what others have found.

OpenXR Dev Tools
Latest preview: On, Custom render scale: 100%, Motion Reprojection: Disabled

DCS settings for VR

OpenXR ToolKit Companion settings

OpenXR ToolKit Appearance settings


While I’m not seeing huge fps gains like some are experiencing, 3 improvememts stick out for me:

  1. Smoother visual tracking, side to side notably.
  2. Noticeably sharper image. Wow, I almost feel like its 5k or better.
  3. No more flashing lights as it loads a mission. That alone might be worth OpenXR! :smile:

Other thoughts:
Load times to the briefing menu seem quicker as well.
Apache fps still low. Like Supercarrier. But Early Access…

So long SteamVR (at least for DCS).

Reverb G2, 2080 Ti, 64GB RAM, M.2


Agreed on all points. The tracking with the G2 has always been sliiiightly lackluster for me (I blamed my CPU, a i7-7700K). OpenXR makes a noticeable improvement to that, as well as image quality. Textures look marvelous compared to SteamVR, which was bizarre to me!

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Ciao Jimmi, hope you and kids are great!!

Took the plunge to try out OpenXR and its toolkit, and ultimately I’m chuffed I did! Pretty simple to try out, clean and repair DCS, 3 files needed to copy over to the DCS Bin folder, install OpenXR, toolkit etc and fire up DCS, job done.
Running a G2, I find its clearer than SteamVr and i’m playing about with the reprojection more. Currently have it on and 100% in OpenXR and auto, but set the Toolkit to 30 fps lock. The Toolkit is where you can play around with the setting more, which you do through the G2 ingame. I have upped the colours and brightness and loving flying the Reflected Huey campaign, Paradise Lost (fantastic btw!!).
For me, its seems slightly smoother than SteamVR and I tried locking the reprojection on and at 30fps and it was butter smooth, but in the campaign with troops walking around I had to change that as it was stuttering, as did SteamVR. However the colours and clearer picture were worth it alone. Early days but sticking with it. Deffo worth trying, hope to fly with you sometime!


hey Swoop welcome to Mudspike!

me and the kids are doing great!

as for OpenXr have still to find some time to try it, but i will give it a go for sure!!

wow! didn’t knew that! it’s stupid but annoying!

I’ve noticed stutters when Motion Reprojection is enabled. I’ve only tried it on Auto, so if you like it, maybe try it forced on. I didn’t care for the image and experienced stutters so have it disabled.

Paradise Lost is my favorite campaign so far. Wonderful.

Quick question…

how do you benchmark fps in SteamVR and then in openXR?

in steam vr i can run fpsVr… and then in OpenXr???

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