DCS Question (installing terrain on different drive)

Is there a way to install terrain/map on a different drive? For example - DCS World on C: Normandy on D:, Vegas on E. Etc.

I can’t fit entire DCS World + maps on my SSD.

If using the DCS installer (not steam) there is. I don’t recall exactly how, as I did it on my server which now runs the dedicated server module without a UI.

There should be an install location option in the module manager.

If you can’t find a way in the DCS module manager for location, then it should be possible to use a hard link so that the per-terrain directory can be on a different drive to where DCS thinks it is - there’s no performance impact or anything:

It should be possible to use ovgme to load terrain as a MOD in a separate folder on a separate drive/s

I would advise against that, as the terrain is already managed by the DCS Updater. Would get difficult when an update changes something about the files.

Just like @fearlessfrog, I love the hardlink/symlink stuff. But then again - I am an X-Plane Ortho user (about 600GB of orthos downloaded, for about 1 flight hour per 10 GB I think (oops)).

I would recommend to only use OVGME for mods that aren’t managed by the DCS Updater, such as the A-4E Skyhawk.


Good point guess a new ssd is required :grin:

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How quaint. M.2 only please. :wink:

I have just put all my orthos on my HDD, ad uses the symlink GUI thingy that is probably somewhere under fearlessfrog’s link above. Works wonders and saved me a few hundred.

So proposed solutions;

use external software A
use external software B
buy a bigger drive.


mklink is included in the OS.

Looks to be a useful tip but it is definitely too advanced for my limited computer knowledge… O_o