DCS SA342 Gazelle

Found via http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151161

An interview where the dev shares where they are at with the Gazelle, which looks pretty far along now…


This looks great to me - any interest?

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I’m surprised that it comes from the same company that helped produce the Concorde - that is one ugly helo. I’m very much looking forward to it!

It’s interesting they show the Ka-50 ABRIS and Shkval in that video. I’m going to assume those systems aren’t actually on the Gazelle, just temporarily ported for sim development?

Best wishes for them - I would love to see more hi-fi helos.

Still waiting for AH-64 and AH-1

good read though

In my Blatant Anglicized Bias I’m putting down Concord work distribution as 95% Design = British, 5% In-Flight Food Menu Plus Fancy Nose = French. It does mean ‘peace’ after-all, and I’m refusing all real facts now :smiley:

Besides, aren’t all small copters meant to look like insects? Bzzzz.

I am looking forward to this … but then I think I am looking forward to everything DCS :slight_smile:


Same here. :smiley:

And @EinsteinEP: Actually IMO it isn’t ugly at all. If you remove the FLIR it looks pretty smooth. An Apache is über-ugly compared to it IMO.

Yes, not a bad looking helo when cleaned up.

And there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with an ugly aircraft - sometimes that means functionality was put ahead of aesthetics, and that makes it just that much more beautiful (A-10C Warthog, etc.).

And other times…shudder

I’m also waiting for Airwolf, so I can kill all those pesky Mig’s at mach speed!


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Some real passion by that developer, I’m very intrigued now. The interview suggests the module is all but released. Wonder when we’ll see a beta of it?

thought I’d use the same thread to anounce that Polychop also did an interview with simworld.cz that you can read in czech or english. here’s the link for the english thread


personally really stoked for the Bölkow they’re making, but the gazelle is looking great as well :slight_smile:


Nice interview - thanks!

A nice pilot / disco night texture update here:


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Polychop Sa342 Gazelle start up video.


Olli, Sven, and Pat (I don’t know the others) are really great guys with a very positive attitude, and their module looks awesome!
I am more in favour of the Bo-105 but I am looking forward to the gazelle as well.

Can’t wait to see more, and of course fly it!


Mmmmm,Not sure what this means for The Polychop Team??
from DCS Forums…
"_Hi all,

I have been contacted by the CEO of Polychop and he asked me to publish the following statement:

Hi all,

Due to a restructuring of Polychop, we are very busy at the moment. Until internal legal issues are sorted out, we are unable to post any status. Nevertheless I can assure you all that the team is working hard on all open issues."

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Thanks for the update! I hope everything works out. The Gazelle has been a fine addition to DCS.

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I agree,One of my favorite modules,I’m really looking forward to The BO-105.Hope it’s still a Go?

Statement from the Polychop CEO this morning.


Polychop Update:

Gazelle Update:

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