DCS sale

Starting today at 1500 GMT and lasting until 26 September 2016 at 0900 GMT, 40% off ever module except for the one you want: F-5 and Gazelle


Oh, time to pick up the M-2000C :slight_smile:


Dammit. I already own all modules except the F-5…
Come on ED, give me something to buy already! A Hornet preferably.

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Yep, that is one I want… SA342M. :bikini:

eh, what?

I love these smaller airports that are being added to NTTR. Makes me think we need a C-130 or C-17 module…!


Haven’t touched Dcs world in a couple years. Computer still unhooked due to Renos too. May miss this sale but it has touched my “buy on sale” nerve.

Im a terrible pilot though so there is that to keep some cash in the wallet. Plenty in xplane for me to still be bad at that I already own.

I’m getting impatient for the versions to merge. :hourglass_flowing_sand: But Caucasus map is not in v2 afaik.

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Just got Nevada! Looking forward to finally flying in some other theatre!

Also been eyeing some aircraft at the X-plane store… Sweet sweet flightsims why do I crave you so much?!

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The Red Flag DLC campaigns are a great way to learn and understand the NTTR.

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So, the C101. Worth it or not if you already have the Hawk and L39?

The Mi8 never really interested me, but since getting the Rift my appreciation for the Russian aircraft has grown (I really love the MiG 15). I enjoy the helicopters and the Mi 8 is the only one I’m missing right now.

Thoughts? You guys never steer me wrong.

I’d say no at the moment. I’d wait for the AFM and the CC-101 version before purchase since that is the goal of the developers. It is a fun module even with the SFM…but I think it will be better experienced “fresh” with the AFM and the option to use weapons after further development.

As much as it hurts me, I agree.
I flew it again just yesterday, and I like that plane so much, but… without the AFM it is just not the same.
Get it in a sale if you have the opportunity, but wait with flying until it has the AFM.

With AFM I would say it would be considerably more fun than the L-39 and Hawk.

That’s actually good advice. If it is on sale now…then ya’…I’d pick it up, but wouldn’t fly it until the AFM is integrated. I’m confident that it will happen…and they seem like they really want to get the module right. Once they do, it will be a really fun plane to fly in DCS World.

Well, I guess I’ll wait on the C101. I did splash out some bday loot on the Mi8 though. I haven’t flown it yet, but it seems most people like it.

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Oh Boy! That Mi8 sure is impressive in VR… So …Many…Switches!!!:heart_eyes:


You should really learn it in Chinese…

First thing I did with it today was change the cockpit to English. There is more than enough to learn here without having to contend with a new language ;). Besides, I am sure that the Chinese labels would be a bit of a blurry mess in VR.

Oh c’mon…nothing so fun as playing “potluck switches”…

Hmm…I wonder what this one does…

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I actually have all the modules I really want, but I am still itching to try and learn something new. If you didn’t have the F5,MiG-15, C101, L39 or FW-190D wich one would you choose and why? I was thinking about picking up the fagot so I can grab the Museum relic as well and play it with the sabre first, then with the MiG-15.

Are you flying in VR? Without a doubt the MiG15 is my favorite. Simple to learn, fun to fly (just when you think you have it tamed it will bite you in the rear and the tight, beautifully modeled cockpit makes you feel like you are wearing the jet.