DCS SAMs and Their Annoying Ability to K.O. Our Missiles

Along with that, could we get the AI to be a bit less accurate when shooting down missiles? Anytime I put smaller air defenses around a SA-10 site, they take down just about every missile sent their way. A lot of missiles have to be launched just to get a chance at hitting the radar in this way.

SA-10s are not to be trifled with, they can and will eat you and your missile’s lunch. If anything I’d like to see them immediately relocate after engaging your missiles, just to be even bigger dicks.


I don’t think I’ve seen the SA-10s shoot at anything other than Kh-58s and Kh-25s launched from a distance; I’m more annoyed by the smaller systems and how accurate they seem to be against smaller missiles like AGM-65s. If the site moves around, that’s a net positive in my book because that’s a period of time they won’t be launching.

Depends on what you’re fighting. I think the SA-19/Tunguska is pretty drastically overrated because the sim doesn’t simulate the inherent limitations of the design (the -19 can boost or maneuver. In DCS it does both). The SA-15 which is the other culprit in shooting down things… The SA-15 is an extremely nasty system that can engage anything up to and including falling bombs. At the end of the day the Maverick is not a very capable system in this regard, it’s not that small, and comparatively slow in the terminal phase of flight.

All that said, you can disable ground units engaging missiles in either the options or command settings for the group.

According to DCS, no Western weapons system ever succeeds against any Russian ECM or antimissile defenses. Techniques which are theoretical or unproven in combat are deadly effective when used against them. Even the A-10 is taken down by the MG in an APC despite it not having radar guidance and being designed to survive a Shilka.

I’d like to see the massive electromagnet in the player’s airplane that attracts enemy AI rounds disabled in the next patch so they target friendly AI and the player without bias. The “then it’s too easy” argument should be tied to a pole and shot by firing squad at dawn.

Historically speaking, attackers always inflict more damage on defenders than vice versa with only a few notable exceptions which generally involved numerical or technical superiority by the defenders, neither of which applies in any DCS scenario I’ve ever seen.



You can absolutely take Russian anti-missile defenses. Myself and others have made large posts in other threads about how to do it.

The SA-10 and SA-15 were for the era this sim is simulating, the pinnacle of their respective evolutions. They are terrifying, but they’re still vulnerable. A two ship of F/A-18s can absolutely cripple an SA-10 with HARMS. Any sufficiently high speed missile is likewise capable of whacking SA-15s. The Maverick is not a high speed missile, and SEAD does not fall within it’s primary mission set.

Might I suggest graduating from an aircraft that doesn’t measure airspeed in nautical miles per month, makes it rather difficult for the AI to hit you, and all that.

The laser MGs on armoured vehicles is something that is easily tweaked. Check my thread from way back when.


Yes and yes, but the SA-10 honestly does not shoot the Maverick much. It’s the SA-19 and MANPADS that typically shoot them. For me, the SA-10 tends to engage weapons like the Kh-58, which I can get behind. When you get in close, it doesn’t tend to engage anything real well… But then you have to contend with smaller systems that should be protecting the site as a whole. Ironically, the Sidearm seems to be one of the better weapons for taking out SA-10 sites, coupled with a pair of Harriers flying NOE. I can’t speak for the A-10C in this regard as it’s still a Starforce module and thus I don’t have it, but I’d probably use a similar NOE strategy with it.

Ideally, one would coordinate with other forces like artillery to suppress the site and eventually kill it, if one has the resources to do so. Barring that, my SOP is that NOE is the way to take on the threat, using close in pop up attacks to suppress and eventually eliminate it.

I will also add that I will always be very skeptical of claims of equipment’s effectiveness, both western and eastern. Reality usually indicates it’s not as terrible as detractors nor as evolutionary as proponents believe. I think the SA-15 and SA-10 are probably a healthy balance as depicted in the game in their current state. The real litmus test is whether or not the Patriot system is nerfed in comparison to the SA-10, and I don’t know if the M6 Linebacker or HMMWV Avenger will shoot down missiles just like every Russian SAM system will.

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I’ve never seen Iglas engaging other missiles, and I can’t believe that is intended behavior. Got a track? maybe ED would want to take a look.

I think it’d be possible in theory, but I’ll have to run the scenario again and see if the behavior occurs again. If the heat’s right I don’t see why a MANPADS wouldn’t track a missile, just that the shot would probably be real difficult.

I finally got around to checking this and it seems the default behavior is to set SAMs not to attack missiles at all. However, even when turned on, SA-19s won’t engage missiles at all now. SA-10s will, if the missiles are launched from high enough and far enough out, but within a certain radius they don’t even try. Ditto for SA-15s.

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