DCS Screenshots [2024]

I don’t recall I’ve ever mentioned my specs, actually.

i5-9600k at 4.8Ghz
RTX3060 “Twin Edge OC” 12GB VRAM
48GB DDR4 (because one slot refuses to play nice)

When flying VR I run DCS at 1080p but keep the monitor upscaled. Performance is okay. In 2D when upscaled performance isn’t too bad but there’s not much room for filming, so I usually drop DCS down to 2k for videos.


AH! I see! Then my next question is, what’s your monitor!

It’s an AOC but not sure which model.

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A few from another instant action mission that wasn’t so instant, ‘hunting the jeff’ on the Marianas map.

This one was way above my current pay grade, I still barely have a handle on BVR so it was pretty much over before it began.

waited to long to launch I think, here’s my wingman trying to get out of dodge with me done for in the background.

lighting looks really great this time of day.

one of mine doing it’s best Saturn V impression


I’ve been on a screenshot binge recently. 45C days in Nellis. Hot, high, and heavy ain’t no joke. Took about 6,500ft of runway to get airborne.


And we are reaping the rewards. Great stuff


I went and spent some time catching up with a very old friend. It’s been way too long since we’d last caught up.

Set up a quick mission intercepting Russian fighters over the Marianas. What I didn’t know at the time, however, was that there were AI F-15s and F-16s aloft that dispatched the MiGs before I was even started up.

Still, once I got above the rain, it was a nice day for flying.

Landing was definitely a bit rough.

I’ve heard a rumor that the campaign has been updated (it’s been broken for at least a couple of years); I need to take a look at that for myself.


I really need to fly the M2000 again, but with the entire sensor and weapon suite systems being redone I’ve held off. It’s been long enough it’s not like I remember how the old system worked though, might be time to take her up again.


Chuck’s guide IIRC is up to date for the updates to radar and avionics. And there’s a LOT.


I created a quick mission to check out Halfghanistan in the Kiowa. Short run down to Bost from Camp Bastion to drop off the mail and swap some PS4 titles. We were tooling along and BANG! Did I mention that I added an insurgent ambush? Well, I sort of forgot about them and was half asleep when something big blew up underneath us. After checking for holes in our hides and the aircraft, we circled back to see what the noise was.

We spotted a fire where we had just flown, but hadn’t shot at anyone. Yet.

It turns out that the insurgents had hidden a 57mm gun in a small courtyard right along our flight path. It was a great plan, except for someone putting a house in the way of their big gun :joy:

I hate it when that happens.

The ones that survived were trying to escape in two Land Rovers outside the courtyard. We had rockets, so their getaway plan did not go well.

In fact one insurgent got his pants blown clean off :rofl:

One last pass for a BDA and on to Bost. It’ll buff out.


Poor Petrovich took a direct hit from a BMP, let out a yelp and went quiet…


Flight of the intruder vibes intensifies

Beside that- we need more blood in the cockpit.
On a second thought, no we don’t.


Honestly, while it is “just a game” and all that, it felt a little bit like that!

I was instinctively trying to get a look at him over the cockpit rim and couldn’t, and felt a sense of helplessness - the mission involved holding back the enemy columns while our forces were retreating, which meant that to get him behind the lines further back was a decent 10-minute flight. Flying that distance just felt long and quiet.


Salute GIF

Yeah, I’m ok with keeping blood and guts out of the game.

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just had my first flight round Afghanistan, so far very nice, performance for me was good, smooth but did jump from either 72fps to 36 i assume depending on detail level

did notice that the moving map in the hind was not working, but apart from that all seemed fine


Some Tomcat love, the new engine sounds are very welcome, the inside whine was driving me crazy for a long time, now it’s much more enjoyable.


Back from “First Strike” mission from Gamblers campaign by Baltic Dragon. If you own Viper and Syria map I highly recommend it.

Eventhough DCS often annoys me, the ability to fly well scripted missions that tell the story is something BMS can’t provide (though BMS has it’s own advantages with it’s silky smooth performance and dynamic campaign).


Oh so it’s not just me then. It’s not moving for me on Kola either but I can’t find any bug reports about it on the ED forums.

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