DCS Screenshots


I agree. That is definitely one nice thing about Arma helos…


Jeebus does Wags know how to troll us or what?


I don’t see an f111 in that picture


Or Michelle Jenneke


Yes thankfully it’s a picture of an airframe that passed it’s carrier trials…


Naaaah… Wags wouldn’t do that! Not to us… :wink:


The one that lost the bid for the LWF program to the F-16…? :smile_cat:


One man’s leftovers are another man’s feast.


I’d call avoiding being both an Air Force jet and an F-16 an unqualified success.


More pics and the original poster KIZIR 77



I looked twice through the module icons below for it.

–> I feel the need for – therapy

I’m planning to head up to 20,000’ in my A-10C tonight, in the Back Of The Hand mission on Hollo Pointe. It’s been a rough week and I want to lase targets and bomb things.


That’s Tibilisi on the Caucasus map - and what I like to call the Tri-State Airport Complex, with Vaziani and Soganlug. This is where I grew up in DCS A-10C. Here’s to flying the latest v156 DCS and getting down dirty with the Red, was quite fun - lots of tracers and scrambling of Red vehicles – looks to me like some bunches of improvement in the AI.

Vaziani Tower 140 MHz
Runway 140
"Inbound Vaz, I need emergency clearance to land!"



Landed after the first circuit with the Gazelle. There’s something weird about the handling that I can’t quite put my finger on.


I think the friction with the ground is a bit weird, as soon as you apply collective it does nothing, until it ‘snaps’ into a rotation you need to counter, you can’t really feel where you need to put the rudder as compared to the UH-1H or the Mi-8MTV2.

Love this chopper though, great first impressions.

being all tacticool hanging next to the powerlines, nobody expects HOT’s firing powerlines!

So, anyone wanna play together with this? :wink:


Just stroking my ego on a dogfight server.


Ahhh the inverted negative g push-over manoeuver, did you give him the bird?


Both metaphorically and literally!


Is that what the kids call it these days?! :wink:


Mocking the survivors of my my HOT3 attack, first time I fully completed the instant-action Static Tanks mission.