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I just bought the Gazelle (and the F-5). I had it for a bit during beta to write some articles and thought it was a really cool experience. One of my ever-lasting sim “cool” moments is going to be flying MP with @fearlessfrog in shared cockpit and us puzzling over how to get the switches right…it was soooooo much fun.

I only played a bit of the campaign…but it looked like it was pretty good (and seeing those IR pointers at night is always cool). If I weren’t in the middle of A-10C “training”, I’d be flying the Gazelle right now…


Yep, the shared cockpit experience is fantastic, especially when you are navigating and scouting the area ahead whilst your pilot is manoeuvring between the buildings to remain of the scope of that SA-11 system just 5 kilometres away. You feel like the hunter of a Gazelle, the name isn’t quite right :wink:


Are you talking about the campaign that came with the module or is this campaign you are talking about a separate DLC?


My current favorite jet in DCS. Wonderful pit in VR.


I think there is no DLC campaign yet for the Gazelle, and the campaign is advertised as involving quite a bit of NADIR and IR/NV goggles :wink:


I’ll have to check that out then. Sounds interesting indeed.


Operation dixmude is part of the purchase. No seperate dlc. IIRC you can also play the first couple of missions on coop.


Coming soon to Area 51… (Eventually when I get time to update the materials and lightning, and add the stairway structure.)


Nice! Looking forward to the “Fly a Gazelle inverted through the Stargate” challenge thread.


DCS F-302…yes please.


Past 2 days of flying Blue Flag

The DCS family of choppers minus the Shark all together after capturing Vaziani. @Toppometer @Bogusheadbox

Viggening our way to attack a Redfor FARP, with near_blind providing CAP in the F-15.
@Bogusheadbox @Fridge @AeroMechanical @near_blind

Sadly in our run Fridge had some technical difficulties with a mountain and I got baguette’d after killing a friendly Shilka, however near_blind ended an su-27 and Aero and Bogus completed their runs RTB’d and we captured the FARP.

Consider this a highly successful mudspike mission…<50% casualties.

bonus A-10 shot.


Man, that looks like fun!



Aforementioned Su-27 moments after being fed an AIM-9

A Mirage attempts to out turn a pair of AIM-7s inside 5 miles, fails

I try and out turn aforementioned Mirage’s friend’s Super 530D inside 5 miles, fail.


Are 120s limited or restricted?




This was either @Bogusheadbox or @Fridge being an interrupting Hip.


Alles klar.


Trying to relearn the Mirages ground attack stuff,

What I think I’m doing:

What I’m actually doing:


The AI aircraft behaviour at airbases is improving IMO. These ac are AI.

I’ve seen other types of ac interacting well, such as UAVs, Yaks and Red Cargo ac. Still some attention needed to avoid taxiway conflicts - certainly things are better.