DCS Screenshots


A four ship was especially exciting with only three spawn points on the Carrier. :boom:

Enormously enjoyable online shenanigans.

PS thanks for answering my 1000 questions tonight @near_blind :slight_smile:


Grabbed a mission from the Su-33 thread to get used to the new flight model. One bolter, one plane on the bottom of the sea (but only because I wanted to try a Cobra, not because of carrier landing), then one full load of missiles on the bottom of the sea and then this successful (but very scary) four-wire!

Now let’s fly her in some safe weather and maybe even try a landing on an actual airport. Was a great way to get started on our first PFM carrier-capable plane, loving her! Thanks @smokinhole


We did find out how to sink the Kuznetsov though. Spawn 4 jets on it at once. :wink:


We’d be remiss if we did not have at least one show boat screenie! Or two


Brilliant! Your gears are up but you’re upside down, so your gears are down! :smiley:


Carrier ops

Deadmeat bringing it home

On final…

Very final.

Fearless bringing it home

Near_Blind bringing it home

No shots of me bringing it home yet. I did catch the wire but went into the drink anyway. Perhaps today…


Anybody flying? I’ll be up in an hour or two.


Can be. Depends on when I get back from dinner out


…and off to watch midget wrestling. I’ll be in tomorrow night though.


Soooo jealous. Please don’t use up all the Su-33 fun while I’m gone. Can’t believe this released while I’m away…! :weary:



Anyone else get irrationally angry when that tanker starts to bank turn after doing a perfect pre-contact? :slight_smile:

It’s really good. It’s your own fault for being a valued member of society and wanting to help people. :slight_smile: It shows a glimpse of how good the F-14 and F/A-18 are going to be - there’s something about Carrier Ops that just feels better.




Gear down! Gear down!


A couple shots from flying with @near_blind, @Bogusheadbox and @Fridge


I tell you what, carrier ops were a blast! I am really looking forward to the improvements and the upcoming F-18 and F-14!

It was great to see so many people pass through @near_blind’s server last night!

Even @Bogusheadbox had a go … tough from the seat of his Mirage. He made a nice approach and touchdown but was able to bolter off the front and take advantage of the sky-jump :slight_smile:

I still think that the Mirage is a beautiful module!

Approach and landing on the carrier was a challenge and although there were a number of bolters, very few ended up wrecking their rides on the deck.

@near_blind, @boomerang10 and I all getting ready to go again :slight_smile:

Second favorite was tanking. Getting feet dry with a useful load required cutting back on the fuel. Luckily there was a tanker in theatre, providing the second challenge of the evening.

The tanker crew spent a lot of time in a turn, making the tanking experience a little frustrating at times :slight_smile:

And, of course, we all had to keep trying to get back aboard.

Great to see everyone taking part!


I’m not jealous at all… This hype and carrier ops had better continue for at least two more weeks so I can take part in some small way… grumble grumble


Just had a great mission w/ @near_blind, @fearlessfrog, @Tankerwade and @DeadMeat. A2A sweep, A2G rocket attack. Nice. Shots coming tomorrow.




Beacon of Rhohan lit for @Tankerwade there on the last shot. Would be atmospheric at night.

@Fridge and I ran the perfect ground attack missions, apart from the lack of ground attacking on my part. I did dodge a manpad though, so the ship at least got a slightly used Su-33D back.