DCS Screenshots


Some pornet pics


the old hornet model has so many issues…


Still reasonably pretty though…


“Pornet” LMAO


And in game…


I’m dusting off the Viggen again this week. Here we go, taking out a GCI site with rockets.

Target in sight and weapons away!

Good hit but there is trouble ahead… SA-19 launch…

I break left and get very lucky.

Luckier still, I have a ridge to duck behind.

And egress east for recovery…


I haven’t picked this one up yet, partially because I’m still saving for that new video card… Looks absolutely gorgeous though.


The Viggen is awesome. I really need to fly it more often (along with all the other modules :grin:). I’m going to have to quit my job to free up some time!






I love the looks of it, but I still hope the new damage model will bring more “localized” and adherent damage signs/bullets holes—


Look at the “big guns” on that baby!


Looks like she was the bird dog for a quail hunt with a group of hedge fund traders. Ask me how I know. :slight_smile:


Anybody else miss the close finger four formation everything used to default to in LOMAC? I’ve been bringing the flight in closer lately just to get out of my ‘echelon right’ formation rut.

I have been getting out of my daylight clear weather rut as well. Semi-overcast with clouds set at 8 looks pretty cool at sunset.


There is only one true tactical formation and it is 1NM LAB. Accept no substitutes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well 1-3 NM, or farther if datalink ever becomes a reality


If you can’t do a GVI during a formation then you are too far apart. I call it the Air Crash Investigations Board formation. It’s super effective!


with @fearlessfrog, @DeadMeat and @Tankerwade