DCS Screenshots

Love it! Beautiful shots!

Today’s safety lesson: don’t try to purposely spin the Tiger. Note the airspeed.


OK, job done here. Let’s move on.



I don’t own it yet, but had a quick look with Nevada.

So pointy!


I finished packing this morning to get a quick start tomorrow. I will visit some relatives in northern Germany today but at this point I just want to fly some DCS before I have to start working on Monday. Is that weird?

Right now I’m just watching DCS Videos and going through some of my older sreens on my laptop while waiting for the train:


Those are some great shots…

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That’s a gorgeous background to a beautiful F-15C in that 1st shot!

Ninja Warthog


After @komemiute finished my personalised Mirage skin, I wanted nothing but to get back from vacation ASAP.
Today I could finally fly her for the first time.

What a beauty! Thank you so much for making this @komemiute !

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That’s a beauty…! @komemiute has some insane artistic skillz… I can’t wait to see my Ka-50…

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Plus my Huey skin. :wink:

LOL…poor @komemiute - a victim of his own success…! :smiley: Last I heard he was moving his computer setup…hopefully that all went well…

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Heh, did anyone say my name thrice?

So- what happened? really easy- I’m in the new flat alright.
Except my GFX Card (780Ti, 3GB, Factory Overclocked etc. etc.) wouldn’t work…
Thing is during the moving the Gfx Card, bulky as it is, bent the plastic socket of the MOBO out of its place!

Luckily I could move it to the next one just- I feel like an Idiot. I should have known… :sob:

Anyway, I fixed everything and cranked out the best I could- in fact I completed FearlessFrog skin but NOT ONLY!

Oh noes Siree! I re-did all the previous skin because I’ve found lots of lines not merging correctly, some little pieces missing the right colour AND (and this is nice) I even discovered how to do the pylons too!

What changes? Really easily I’m reuploading on my Google Drive everything and soon all of those who had my skins will have their new toy.

The worst was @NavyNuke99’s one, with lots of tiny mistakes, and the dark skin with white pylons- that was truly a shame. Now all should be ok.

@Toppometer is the only one that required no changes. So- sorry no cookies for you!

Aaaand yes, @Freak had the wrong helmet! :fearful: The new one should make everyone happy.

Oh, by the way I put a little touch (not enough to call it an easter egg!) for each texture. Hope you’ll find it! :smiley:

:smiley: Yeah yeah, I know. You’re really happy to see me, now! :wink:


And, really-- I’m sorry for the delays and all. :stuck_out_tongue:
Plus not having internet is a bit of a real drag. At least at work it’s kinda ok.

Thinking again…I was about to put the links here, but maybe it’s better to keep it to PM? Don’t want this precioussssss art to go to the regular jocks… Umph! :wink:

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It can be quite jarring huh? Glad to see you back connected…!

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@Work now, or at best with mobile… I’m feeling like a grown man about to cry…

Look what @komemiute gave me this morning. It’s beautiful (sniff) :cry:

Thank you @komemiute - great work! :thumbsup:


Heh. Glad you like it. Now drive it like you stole it! :wink:

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