DCS Screenshots

You got it! :slight_smile:



Hella good!

Really great shots here everyone - very nice looking pics!


I expect to be rescued often by that bird… :smiley:


The @fearlessfrog livery is awesome!
Allow me to post some shots of my freshly re-painted Mirage flying from Nellis:

A parrot hunting Tigers…

And killing them

Strike, in the configuration tha the French pilots call “grosses couilles”:


What kind of settings do you typically run with, Derby?

Your game’s color palette looks… better? More dramatic/atmospheric? than mine.

I run 2.0 pretty much maxed out, only DoF, lensflare and dirt effects are off because I really don’t like them.

I think time of day plays a much bigger role in how the games’ colour palette looks though.



Coffee break -

Another unmarked cargo aircraft being loaded…

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Ready to Go


Taking a walk

Sitting on the ready line, listening to @Fridge to preach the gospel of the Mirage to the @Tankerwade, 'mirin the scenery.

Praise the Sun!

@Tankerwade drops some bombs.

The AI does not take kindly to this.

I take aim…

…and of course the track goofs and doesn’t register the bombs dropping.

Doing my best to bug @tankerwade as we exit the range.

Watching @Tankerwade line up behind a friendly Tiger as I follow a different feline to the parking area.

Eye humping my future ride.


I’ll bet the TSA is hiding in the bushes ready to spring into action!

LOL… Nice screens!

The quick Mirage M2000C training mission went pretty well last night. Some of these are not great shots as I was zooming in from the cockpit. I will take a look at the replay track tonight and see if I can get some better ones.

@Tankerwade with the jet up and running:

Climbing out. @Tankerwade is the little white dot on the right hand runway (left if you are taking off):

Working out the symbology:

@Tankerwade running in from the south:

@near_blind running in from the north (under the altitude marker and to the right, smartly popping some flares):

Climbing out to the west, winchester (sporting a great skin by @komemiute):

Rejoin (me, @Tankerwade, @near_blind):

Formation (me, @Tankerwade, @near_blind):

@near_blind breaking away to land:

“Parking” with some Navy pilots:


Love those pics…

I miss my internet connection so much… :sob:

So Fridge and Near_Blind I didn’t get a chance to say Thank You at the end there but that was really great. It’s not too much fun leading someone through button pushes but your patience got me up there and to hit something with a bomb and that was great.

So keeping this going I have a question: I never really went through the INS alignment in A-10C so while I understand the concept the process was new to me.
-How do you come up with the Lat/Long coordinates to enter?
-Are you getting them from the real world for Nellis and it is the same in DCS? Or is it from the Mission Editor or the in-game map so it aligns with the game world?
-Are the coordinates different depending on the ramp position?

Fridge can you publish the coordinates for the missions that you will be running to speed that process up? I am sure everyone knows them but I don’t.

I didn’t write them down either… :rolling_eyes:

Make sure you have DCS set to display Lat/Lon with decimal instead of Lat/Lon with Minutes/Seconds or MGRS then I hit F2. You position will be shown in the bar at the bottom of the screen. I guess for real life they either figure it out for each aircraft (ie: each ramp position) or refine the alignment while you are in the air but I have not tried that yet. Unless the weather is terrible or you start far away from everyone else, the Lat/Lon should be close enough to all use the same one - unless there is some other pressing need to higher precision.

For all the missions in the campaign I plan on publishing the Lat/Lon coordinates for each waypoint (which, may eventually get out of sync but WP#0 (initial position) will always be published for the group/cluster.

If you don’t use Lat/Lon decimal you can always divide the seconds by 60 but yes, having it set to lat/lon decimal is a lot faster.

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IRL we have the coordinates to all of the parking spots in our IFG and input them on startup. In game I recommend the F2 view, you may also be able to get them in the F10 view by clicking on your aircraft and looking at your data bar in the lower left, or by mousing over the position and reading the cursor coordinates in the upper bar.

If you are constantly flying out of the same field, getting coords for parking spots wouldnt be too hard, but knowing which one you are in would be a bit tricky.