DCS Screenshots


Considering the thousands of things flying around in that mission, it performed really nicely in MP.


Tanking in a turn. Again. Practice makes better. :slight_smile:

@fearlessfrog looking good. I mean … ignore that! He was obviously not on the server with us. I am mistaken.

@near_blind coming in HOT!

@near_blind rolling out on final.

Last on the deck buys the virtual vodka!



Some DCS World 2.5 screen shots showing up on Facebook. Nice winter shots :slight_smile:. I like that last one the most … more snow!

source: link


Snow? Really? Oh, they just used the Nevada sand for snow for now. :wink:


Man, I was super worried how winter would turn out considering the current 1.5 textures. I’m digging it


It was another weekend with the Viggen. I guess if the guys in the background are dumping out flare I should too. They apparently know something I don’t!

Ingressing for a night attack…

Moon illumination went away for a while after the lighting update but now it is back. Looks pretty cool…

Where the moon doesn’t serve, I always have the other flight with illumination bombs…

I was too busy ooohing and awwwing to hit anything. That usually results in a shootdown where I follow the AI around for a while.

These Warthogs had my back on one mission…

… until the MiG-25s showed up.


Nice screenshots @bunyap2w1!


Me tanking with @near_blind tonight in the Su-33:


@near_blind trying to merge with that MiG-29…


LOL…must drink more Stella…at some point you reach the crossover point where your poor performance from being drunk passes over into smooth control inputs as you reach that zen level. LOL… *

  • Advice not to be used in real life - in simulations only…!


That’s it! I’m heading for the hotel bar. I have a sim training session at 0300 am…



I… I… I don’t know how to express myself properly, but that’s so incredibly beautiful. Holy :poop: !


I wanted to see what Normandy looked at maxxed out in 2d. I don’t think my PC will ever forgive me :blush: Anyway it looks pretty but is unplayable with my current setup :smiley:



mmmm. Sexy Sexy Su-30 community project




I thought the Su-30 had canards?


Some do, some don’t. I’d need to consult wiki to definitely answer which. There are like six or eight variants of the Su-30 alone these days


Su-30 M2 and MK2 doesnt have carnards.

Su-30 MKI does.

MKI also has Pitch Enhanced Thrust Vectoring.