DCS Screenshots


Thanks for the info, @near_blind and @SkateZilla


Su-30 Project will have multiple variants.


With the arrival of the su-33 to 2.1 it needs a picture :smiley:




Something looks amiss

So I went to have a look


Was that bit too fast for the corner … :slightly_smiling_face:


Aaah I see what you did wrong, happens all the time in real life too, you’ve got to keep the uppy-blue-y bit on the whereswhatsphere towards the real blue-y thing you see out the window. The browny bit is supposed to be towards dirt, water, grass and other such solid objects, in general. As you can see in the picture, you have reversed those two!

Really, we see it all time, happens like, twice a week at least!


The uppy blue bitsphere should still be pointed toward outty uppy blue bit, so this is obviously a grade A landing.


But not in reference to the looky outy bit!


Was thinking about that… in my office there’s a whatwheressphere but is all black with a white stripe in the middle…
Lemme tell you, THAT’S confusing, upon landing.
I have to constantly check outside. Totally not useful.


You should paint it blueybrown!


IK Rite? Just… I can’t know where to begin!
I flew so much… I don’t know anymore which is supposed to be which!? D:



Bit chuffed about myself, only lost a tiny bit of the wing after my first landing! This followed a first start and first taxi without blowing up anything! Frankly, I must be the best spitfire pilot of all time!

Heck, I’m even still on the runway.


Are you sure it isn’t supposed to be like that?
Some Spits had a clipped wing config, ya know… :innocent:


It’s a new dynamic geometrical adjustment system I’m developing, you’ve caught me there!


Screens from a mission I’ve been working on. Marine gunships searching for prey.


Slowly getting better at landing, still a bit wobbly though. I’ve kinda fallen in love with this aircraft and the wonderful torque you feel when opening the throttle.


Good to see you flying Mirage, Chris!