DCS Screenshots


I only shudder to think what alternative she could have come up with… :speak_no_evil:


Crap. You’re right!


It’s not about right or wrong. I just don’t like misinterpretation … especially from a moderator.


That caused this epic derailment of a screenshot thread…?

Only on Mudspike…! :rofl:


After reading this all, I’m confused…crap.


I can help @RedBravo65

Someone didn’t like a DCS wallpaper and referenced poop.
Someone didn’t like that someone didn’t like a DCS wallpaper.
Several others who didn’t want to be involved about how someone feels about a wallpaper couldn’t help themselves when poop got mentioned and brought up more poop.
Thread went to poop.
Someone will hopefully post a screenshot from DCS soon and we will be poop-free (for the moment)


@Tankerwade LOL! You are too kind sir and just to be clear, I was making or trying to make a joke. :slight_smile:


Some F-86 fun :slight_smile:


HOLY CARP! Amazing graphics and dynamic picture!

Gosh darnit, the Big Merge can’t come fast enough! :wink:


thx @komemiute i had a chance to see my squadron member vader flying the sabre with that skin … i gave out flight instructions for for the perfect photo with that amazing skin he used on the sabre and i just had to share it with you guys :slight_smile:

soon i will make more cool screenshots … got some ideas of remaking some war photos from real life implemented in DCS :slight_smile: maybe will make some nice wallpaper in 4K


It has been a troubling training season


Well…you can’t blame the weather… :wink:


I can try… :wink:


Your problem is you keep trying to put the Spitfire on the ground. The Spitfire hates the ground, and the ground hates the Spitfire. Just keep it in the air and you’ll be fine.


If only there was a propellor that could lift the Wrecking Crew.

OH Wait –


Am I crazy or do I see a bomb under that Hurc…


From Erl Sis v157 -


Those are the AN/AAQ-8 IRCM pods mounted under the under wing Aux Fuel tanks.

My first assignment in the AF was with the 8th SOS as a Life Support Tech on the MC-130Es. Great memories.


Thank you! I tried googling for quite a while last night to figure it out and came up with nothing other then a few more pictures of MC-130’s with them.


Finally bought the DCS Su-33. Built a mission in which to test it and have fun learning the Air-2-Air refueling. Here are some screenshots. The screenshot with the Tornado is obviously showing a bug in the graphics which happens to be the same bug with the standard cargo truck for US/NATO side.