DCS Screenshots



#push for power !


Whats wrong with this picture ?


You’ve discovered a portal to an alternate universe…


Some more screens from the mission I’ve been working on and just tested a few minutes ago. Marine Gunships searching for ENY columns in the desert.


well we had a nice OCA Strike with viggens on mozdok … thats what left of the planes that were on the runway :smiley:


LOL, reminds me of this…




That huey does not have enough engines for that paint scheme



I’m hoping @esonub will come up with a better background than this crap …

I like the dark desktop backgrounds but this just doesn’t fly. :slight_smile:


I like this ‘crap’. And that’s a little bit of a harsh opinion, isn’t it? This is a jet I am really looking forward to having in DCS and I can’t wait to learn all about it.


Looks sharp to me.


I totally determine which modules I purchase based on the wallpaper I completely ignore. F -18 amiright?


LOL thx @Linebacker i will as soon as the damn thing is out to public :joy:


Whoa whoa whoa, I didn’t mention a thing about that particular aircraft … I just mentioned that I didn’t like that crappy wallpaper. :grin:

Since I still use one of @esonub’s earlier DCS screenshots as a desktop background I thought I’d throw this out there. No biggie … maybe time to take a walk in the park …



There aren’t too many sentences that use “crap” as an adjective that come off as being being super friendly…

Of course…on thinking about it…“That dude is friendly as crap…” comes to mind. Or “I’d buy the crap out of that module…” so…maybe…but generally…I understand the sentiment.

I feel like I just did a Louis CK “Of Course…but Maybe…” argument…(NSFW…but hilarious…)


Crap, that’s funny. :slight_smile:


My seven year old actually agrees. It is spirit week at his school and he is supposed to bring a poster that represents his “spirit in an emoji”…and he picked…

I had to veto it. Despite my interest in how his teachers would react… I could have probably convinced some of his older teachers that it was chocolate swirl ice cream… :thinking:


This discussion is all too funny, because just tonight one of my four year olds walked in the house and said to herself, “Look at all of this crap.” Surprised to hear what I thought that I heard, “What did you say, Eliza?”

She says “crap”.

I replay, “What do you mean?”

Eliza, “All of this crap all over the living room. All of these toys, dad.”

Me delighted, “Exactly, although that’s not the type of language a lady uses.”


We’ve had the crap observation too. I’ve threatened to enter the bedroom and living room with a snow shovel to clean up said crap.