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Por Que No Los Teamspeak?



I love that skin!


damson, great pics! How do you get the shots like the one where the camera is looking up at the pilot from the cockpit floor? Is it creative movement of the mouse or are there additional keyboard commands which further the standard view buttons?


It’s the F4 view altered with as you said “creative movement” (mouse + zoom keys + TrackIR).


Thanks. Looks like I’ll be doing some experimenting. I’ve seen other videos, for example Glowing Amram’s videos with such amazing camera angles and such and have always wondered how the heck those guys get those views. I’m looking to do some different looks with my own videos and screenshots so have been more than curious with how others like yourself get those shots.



Do gifs work here or is this going to slow things down as folks scroll by? Just testing…


It’s something to do with which link you choose on Imgur. I couldn’t tell you how, but I got them to work in this post.


The way it works on my end is that the gif is empty until completely cached. This way I can scroll by without things pausing.


For the site imgur.com it depends on the link posted as to what we do with it. If you post a default imgur sharing URL (they changed this recently) then it’ll work differently in different browsers, it runs a script to see what you are on and then picks something compatible. A top level link would look like this (i.e. no file suffix anymore):


On desktop that will be a mp4 video playing as a stream, on mobile (if it can’t support it) will default back to a .gif but only load when clicked. So then it’ll look like this:


For .gif files we automatically download and store a copy locally here (if not too big), so if the original gets deleted the topic isn’t showing a bunch of broken images/gifs (RE: photobucket saga). Unfortunately imgur.com is starting to ‘downgrade’ the produced raw .gif file, which means the mp4 (and using the root sharing URL) is nearly always better.

Imgur.com is trying to stop people post direct .gif links but people still do. It’s basically so they can insert ads like Youtube at some point in the future.

As for topics being slow on scrolling, the forum only loads what it needs as you scroll (we don’t have pages, which is kind of weird) so you’re nearly always good doing whatever. We also do a ‘image too large’ click thing to speed up big images (like direct gifs) as well.


Starting to relearn the DCS Mirage-2000C module. A few screenshots from tonight’s sortie.


@RedBravo65, is that your custom skin that’s getting bleedthrough with the the dynamic numbers? I was having similar problems last week with mine.

Also, when were you flying? I was doing some Mirage training myself a little bit ago.


@Navynuke99, don’t think it is a custom skin. Pretty sure it is a stock skin. Saw it and thought that is a neat looking camo scheme so figured on making a training mission using it. I was flying it tonight around 6:00pm to about 8:30-9:00pm? Was testing a training mission I’m creating for it. We should meeting next time and do some online flying together with this beautiful bird. Just PM me when you think you will be on and I’ll do the same. Be great to fly with a human wing-man instead of that AI pilot.


Hey sorry for the hijack- @Navynuke99, I checked the skin and sent you a reply…
See if it changes something.


That’s a standard skin? Dutch AF roundels are on it so it must be new then!


I was thinking about this last night (not specifically the Mirage) - that we’ve definitely reached the point in DCS World, with regards to availability of modules, where I doubt anyone is actually proficient in many aircraft. By proficient, I mean they can cold start it, know the weapons and sensors inside-and-out, know emergency procedures, and can perform an entire combat sortie using flows and checklists. I was only ever really proficient one time in all my DCS flying - and that would be back when the Ka-50 was originally released (nearly a decade ago?). Now, the number of truly deep modules is amazing - and I can’t claim to know much about any of them. That’s pretty cool.




With regards being proficient in one/all/some/none of the modules in DSC I have little or no chance except the latter.

Take last night for instance. 15 minutes on the MiG 15 messing about with my radios, then for some reason it was important for me to go onto the A-10C to do a cold start! (No idea why). Another mission throwing rockets at trucks in the free P-51D campaign scenario was next up. Spinning around in Normandy in my Huey hopping from field to field with no purpose except to confirm to myself I’m crap at that kept me occupied a little while. Just before heading to bed I did my nightly kill myself 5 times trying to land in the BF 109.

Tonight I’ll probably start in something I haven’t used in a few weeks then slowly end up back in the 109 again, and so it goes on. I have no staying power and never learn anything but I’m happy :slight_smile: