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I know how that feels. I am slowly learning Ka-50, F-5E, Mirage 2k and Su-25. The Kamov is being especially hellish with its profoundly weird fly by wire system. This afternoon, parts of it wouldnt even turn on! but the thing did trim strangely enough. I could fly, but not hover. And then it refused to fire. Frustrating bugger. But fun when it works. In the distant future I can see the joy being actually tactical in that thing is gonna bring.

Some people love climbing cliff faces. I like to climb learning curves. Mixing them up just increases the challenge.


I’ve had that happen…like when those autopilot channel buttons start flashing. And I can’t remember how you get them to reset…


I’m pretty sure it is but I’ll have to check this afternoon when I have time. I started putting this mission together a while back so it escapes my mind. I tend not to download skins for the alpha due to things usually get screwed up with updates so that is why I’m thinking it was a skin which came with the aircraft. I believe most of the skins are under the default area in the mission editor.


CTRL+E 3 Times



It is a standard skin. When setting up the aircraft in the mission editor, in nationality, set as “Netherlands” and you will then see skin in the area where you set the load out.




Yummy baguette


Have you gotten the gamma figured out any better?


Just starting to do that. Was playing with the time of day and it seemed to work somewhat but definitely not the best fix. Will play with gamma setting tonight and if that doesn’t do it maybe just quite “deferred lighting” until the fix comes with next update.

Have you found any solutions?


Some are 4K Shots…


Really is very nice.


@SkateZilla I’m gonna have to ask that you stop sneaking real pictures in to your…

what… oh its his model? Wow…


yeah, that was from my 4K testing this morning…



no they arent 4k fancy, but some of the details on that f86 are pretty sweet.


Tanks vs Tanks 6 - in this one you have air defense assets.
Learn them, know them, live them.

The Roland air defense system -

Ze Manpads team -

As a former air defense officer, I love the sight of missile trails in the morning -

Don’t get ahead of your AD, armor guys -

Or this can happen -

We have effective air defense coverage now -


Took some ground fire on The Inferno Server, had to make an engine out highway landing.


November 26, 2017:
-Testing Appearance of Newly Added Details of the External Mesh
(Needs to be Animated As of Yet)


That is gone gorgeous project you’ve got going there!