DCS South Atlantic WIP Video

You can place a zone at the edge of the map, give the asset a waypoint within that zone, and then set a trigger that when the unit is within that zone, it is deactivated. Disable the AI RTB on Bingo option.

You can also define a group as either late activation and a trigger to activate them, or define their start time as later than the start time of the mission, and they will be spawned in at a time after the start of the mission.

Using these tools, you can more or less simulate off map unit basing.

Why yes they can! Didn’t think of that. Thanks.

Wow! You sure do now a lot about DCS stuff. I feel like “Grasshopper” in the TV series Kung Fu. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could this trick also be used to make infinite S3’s? Just despawn the empty on enad spawn in a new one? Or just give em infinite fuel somehow…

S-3B doesn’t really pass enough gas (har-har I made a fart joke), so you’d have to spawn a lot of them. Unfortunately, while we have a mechanic for getting fuel levels, we don’t have one to set fuel levels.

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To EDs credit, we can currrently fly across the coastlines of some of the tensest air/waterways on earth right now. Plenty of Tom Clancy type scenarios to play out there. The road map to far seems pretty fair; Nevada was an underestimated punch-list item from the A-10C launch, and DCS WWII was them honoring the kick starter campaign. So PG was basically “ok, for real now, onto the maps people really want.”

None of this is directed at ED or the PG on my part. The PG works well with the units we currently have in game. ED has fixed or promised to fix my list of critical complaints. There are some things here or there I’d like to have, but if wishes were fishes and all that. I think the theater is perfectly playable where it’s at.

Now the Falklands on the other hand…

But when are we getting the map that JetFighter 1-V proved to be the most exciting in the world?

DCS: Bay Area


Hey, if it extends all the way to Yosemite, I could get onboard with this.

Oh, and include the Autodesk HQ building in San Rafael. And the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.


Bogus wishes an f111 is on that list…

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That has been a favourite area since the days of the Commodore Amiga and the F/A-18 Interceptor. :sunglasses:

Hmmmm. My company’s HQ is in Milpitas…interesting…

Gentlemen, you’re all misspelling Puget Sound. TKoH and WiC demand it. You could pickle on a Starbucks a day and still be busy after a year.

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I have family in the Mission District and Mariposa, so I do have a certain fondness for the region.

Makes a bit more sense, you got the Boeing folks up there, thus Hornet (yeah, yeah, even though DCS: St. Louis would be better for that), lots of water and rain, the people are miserable, and there’s guys playing GTA with real planes.


The map we need


Entirely too much sense


You want to have fun?
DCS: Hoth

Those rebel transport ain’t going to protect themselves…


Do you know Tanker how big that area of your map is compared to the maps we now have in DCS?

In terms of absolute area? It’s about the same as Black Sea.


As long Kadena AFB, MCAS Futemna, And Naha International Airport are fully represented, I’m game. :grin: