DCS South Atlantic WIP Video

plus F104

…sure MiG17 after 19

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F-104 is a squirrelly thing. Doesn’t carry a lot of missiles, either, even if you forego the tanks (which isn’t wise).

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misiles are just for efect, Vulkan is for the hard work :slight_smile:

What? Really. What an unusual and surprising request from @Bogusheadbox! :wink:

Oh no…room spinning…having flashbacks from my time as PACFLT N2.:scream:

Seriously, It would be nice to take it to Okinawa, if they can do that far. Three PLAN ships already in the DCS inventory. Kuznetsov close enough for their carrier. Kilo SS for their Kilos. Flankers for their Flankers…similar air defense systems…haven’t checked but am pretty sure most Taiwan units could be covered or substituted. Now with the Bug to fly off the US carriers…

If they gave me that map tomorrow I could have a full realistic scenario (using only UNCLASSIFIED data) in a month.

The area that @Tankerwade has includes Okinawa and I’m pretty sure you know why!

The area is about the same as the total land mass in the Black Sea and the Persian Gulf maps we currently have, so it’s definitely doable in DCS.


OK, after reading about the worries of what is NOT in the sim as flyable aircraft for the South Atlantic islands terrain, here is a list of what’s TANGIBLY being worked on, by NO reason this is to be taken as a hype train post, it’s simple what you can expect by and/or after such terrain is available for purchase AND NOT BEFORE and have no relation at all to any AI asset that will have to be included with it. Any self induced hype is sole responsibility of the person involved and as already stated, is not the reason for this post. These aircraft are: IA-58 Pucara Mirage III (or) IAI Dagger (either one, not both) Dassault Super Etendard Sea Harrier FRS.1 Each of these already have a 3d developer assigned, who is busy with already scheduled and licensed developments, so they are NOT a PRIORITY for the time being. As for the other aircraft directly involved and not mentioned, there is nothing i can comment at the moment, since as it is, is a monumental effort.Maybe another licensed 3rd party developer will jump on it, who knows? ABSOLUTELY no availability or release date as of today,also no particular release order, it’s all up to the pertinent developer and his/her progress and self imposed deadlines, you’ll know about the progress following either this page, ED’s forums and our main webpage. Also please keep in mind this list still have to go thru ED tight licensing process, which means it could be drastically changed , or not in the mid to long term.


wat I heard.


I would think that the real decision is what to make flyable and what to make purely AI.

RAZBAM already makes the AV-8B so one would think most of the flight dynamics is done for RN Sea Harriers and RAF GR.3 Harriers (they did a pretty good model for the latter in FSX…I know completely different but the model might be “recyclable”)…and they already have a license with RW manufacturer.

So what Argentine aircraft? As I see it, the real choices for flyable aircraft are Mirage III (how much different from RAZBAMs Mirage 2000? Already have a license), Dassault Super Etendard and, not mentioned, A-4 Skyhawk. I hope they do not waste time and effort on the IA 58 Pucará. At best an OK COIN aircraft…I can’t see it lasting too long in a Blue Flag.

I’d like to see the Super Etendard. Reasons: Carrier capable. More capable than the A-4. Plenty of French liveries/missions. Iraq had 5 on loan from France 1983-85, so PG map applicable.

If they can make a decent theater map. Populate it with applicable ships, air defenses (like Rapier SAM) and AI aircraft, I’d be more than satisfied with only one flyable aircraft per side - Sea Harrier and Super Etendard.

Off the top of my head…

Existing Flyable Aircraft:
UH-1 Huey (Argentine 2121s)
Maybe Gazelle in place of Westland Scout (Brit Army and Royal Marines)
Maybe AV-8B as GR3s

Existing AI aircraft/helos:
C-130 (both sides)
KC-130 Argentine
CH-47 Chinook (Brit Army)

…there may be more.

That would only leave some AI combination of Mirage III, A-4, IA-58 Pucara, Lynx, Wessex Seaking.

I’ve noticed my comments have trended uniformly negative since May, so I’m trying to avoid completely salty. I hope they pull it off, I’d love a SHAR. At the end of the day this is how many modules in work? I’m not counting on any of it.

This is the magic phrase I wish more studios would pick up on. Deka gets it, Heatblur seems to be moving in that direction. There are a number of aircraft I’d like to see flyable eventually, but I’d much rather see modelled, in game, sooner. Razbam have proven they have some very talented artists. An AI aircraft is not that terribly difficult to get into game.

They do a lot to generate good will for this project by pumping out some of the cat-and-dog aircraft as AI only for the time being, and cycle back later for the complicated bits.

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Agreed on not making it flyable. I feel this was a resource-hogging mistake made by the Jet Thunder team, as they were trying to play off the Sea Harrier and Pucara as having a Saber/Mig or Spitfire/109 type ‘rivalry’ in that conflict, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Exactly! A Pucara had one kill…a Scout helicopter…the Sea Harriers had many against much more capable aircraft.

Just be sure to add NAS Whidbey Island, then they could easily give it a cool name - DCS: Deception Pass! We could also do VR1355, the low level route through the Cascades.

Of course, we would need Prowlers or Growlers (and therefore a credible EW model) to flesh it out, but I would also be happy with a 1994 Whidbey Island hosting the A-6 Intruder!


yup F-111 would be indispensable in a 80s Malvinas scenario. Both the RAF and the Argies flew them, and then the USAF used both the FB and -F versions to enforce the UN peace resolutions.

Wait, what. That didn’t happen?



So F-111 it is then… AWESOME !!!

Back to regular programming…

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DCS: Vulcan…flown by Group Commander Spock.


It would be awesome we could recreate Operation Blackbuck in a DCS multiplayer…well…for the most part it would be incredibly boring and everybody would need excellent tanking skills…and the DCS map would need to cover about ¼ of the globe…but it would be awesome. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’d also need better tankers. Current tankers suck the big ones.

Just to add my fanboy-ism… A-4 is coming this year. Yes it’s SFM (Simple Flight Model), no it does not do ‘real’ cat
launches, but…
It has Shrike ARM, it has bombs, rockets, mostly functional Doppler navigation system, functional hook, functional impressively well modeled ground radar, and
It. Is. Free.


this is our thread for it


Great idea!
Add Italy and Sicily to it and you could double the map as a wwII map
Malta 42
Sicily 43 Operation Husky
Anzio 44
Ghotic line 44
Defense of north italy factories and cities by ANR (aeronautica nazionale repubblicana)
Balkan air force operations ICAF (Italian Co Belligerant Air Force) e partisan