DCS Su-27 Combat Guide

Looks to be a nice little guide on utilizing the Su-27 in DCS:




Wow, great guide! I did not know about that ASC relax feature. Good read!

Good stuff! The “s” button looks fun!!

For the love of god, dont push the the “s” button!

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Oh I’m pushing the “s” button. You dont give a Monkey a loaded gun and say dont shoot it, now do you?

I generally don’t give a monkey a loaded gun, or an Su-27 for that matter :smiley:

How about cake to fat kids?

I wouldnt get between the two, thats for sure :smile:

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I don’t think I’ve had it NOT kill me yet. Something about negative AoA, and the next thing you know, you’re either unconscious or dead, watching your plane pirouette all the way down to Earth.

I pushed the “s” button…It did not go well. I instantly went inverted and the screen went black. As I drifted down form FL300 I lost the engines and they just started to hum well I plummeted up side down to my death. I was a relaxing plummet.

So in summary the published dont push the “s” button is good advice. But dont take it from me, try it for yourself!

awesome stuff. lot’s of things I didn’t know or understand ( I honestly thought the EOTS was only for the headtracking mode… ) but then again I only played a bit of singleplayer for the campaigns. Maybe it’s worth a shot to contact the author and see if you’re allowed to put the material under “tutorials and reference”?

Told ya so. :laughing:

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