DCS Summer Sale!

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Harrier at $35 is a great deal. Only thing I may be interested in is the gazelle, out of pure curiosity.

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Hmmm this might be a great opportunity for me to pick up a Huey. Only problem is you can’t use your credits during sales can you?

No,I don’t believe so.You can try at checkout.

And here I am with nothing left to buy! Sigh.


F-111 announcement will fix that…


What’s the consensus on the Gazelle? Yay or nay?

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Is it just me or are the modules not quite as cheap as they once were?

On another note: wasn’t nostalgia great.


I really like it,It’s very input sensitive but surprisingly tame if handled gently,Has some good fire power for a lite,agile bird,Great way to tour the nooks-n crannies of The New PG Map

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It is said that the hidden wallet of power will only divulge its true secrets to the one true herald. The one that deserves it most. The most proven of them all, even though its memory is a distant figure.

Nay disbelievers, it will come. You will part with your money. You will know the number of the beast. For its number is 111. Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, it rides unseen in low canyons delivering its whispering death…

Come young acolyte, don’t be dissuaded by 4th gen fighters. Whilst a fighter can have fleeting moments of glory, its the ground that shakes that makes true history.


Whoa, hey now. This isn’t the F-15 thread.


Was the NS 430 Navigation add-on ever made available for other modules than the Mi-8? The product description sort of implies it was going to head that way:

“The NS 430 is particularly useful for older aircraft with less sophisticated navigation and communication systems.”

I haven’t bought it yet…and will anyway, but was just curious if it had the ability to be bolted into some of the other aircraft. Also…does the nav database include all the theaters to include the Persian Gulf?

Just the Mi8 right now. I have it, but to be honest, part of the charm of the older aircraft is learning their quirky navigation systems. The Mi8 is a prime example of that.

I did pick up some campaigns that I either only had press demos of a few missions of or didn’t own outright…


With the 2.5 release ED returned back some modules to its original pricetags (A10C, Ka50, …)

I just got the Georgian War for the Eagle, hope it’s good.

Just a heads up,The sale does NOT include The Hornet or Persian Gulf Map.

50% off on Steam also for those of you who dont use standalone.

Just bought the MiG-15! I will probably fly it for an hour and not touch it again if my Sabre purchase was any predictor.

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I have a few modules in that category. F-86, Viggen, L39, P51, A10c, Ka 50 are ones I could have done without.

FC3, Mirage, AV8, f-18 take up all time currently.