DCS: Syria

Awesome! Cant wait to test it in beta.

Yes, the one thing that DCS will never need is a feature that causes crashes!

While it’s frustrating for a feature to be delayed, instabilities are far, far worse. Better to be able to do everything else alright than have this one new shiny but everything brought low.

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Oh man, that sounds like a ton of fun!


Interesting little tidbit at 13:52… :smiley:

The “Ha!” @2:16 is not quite a “hey what’s that … doing there”, but still…


But far more interesting than a bunch of (longbow!) Apaches is the two statements near the end: Cyprus is happening, when and how is TBA. The other is that the map is on track for a summer release. It’s about good to go I reckon.


The “Huh” @ 2:16 after he looks left? I’m like, “what…did his copilot need a shave?”

Anyway, though it’s been 22 years since I was deployed to Incirlik, it looks pretty much the same.

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Back on course…so I’ve been doing a lot of flying and ME stuff with the PG Map. After a while, you get used to seeing the same buildings / can recognize them in the ME view.

This is not a bad thing. Quite the opposite. I’m always looking for buildings with flat roofs to place MANPADs in an urban environment. (Ever try to shoot an SA-18 from an alley between buildings…its like maybe you get 2-3 sec of seeing your target). Likewise some bigger buildings make great looking WMD factories, and the some of the ones with inner courtyards make great truck/vehicle hide sites.

I haven’t been able to tell from these videos but I am assume much of the scenery is “generic” types of buildings like the other maps. That said, since it is not ED, I assume new and different generic buildings. Yes?

One of the first videos Wags made a big deal about the bespoke buildings for this map (Syria) And going through the videos there does seem to be a large variation. I am looking forward to attacking armour in its revetments with an A10 Desert Storm Stylee :slight_smile:


I like seeing the berms and revetments for the SA-10 and Patriot SAMs.

In the PG map, in ME, if you look just south of Al Mihad AB using the SAT view, you can see what appears to be a SAM site. It is photo scenery; a triangular shaped emplacement. A Patriot battery? That’s what I use it for. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder how large the DL for Syria will be.

The Black Sea is only 16GB, but PG is 33GB and NTTR is 34GB! Hard to believe it’s actually 1GB bigger when it feels smaller, but that’s the lack of water I bet.

I briefly had Normandy during the free trial period and I thought it was in the 20’s but I won’t swear to it.

I think some of that can be blamed on unique non-core objects. Caucasus is a core map so all the assets, etc. can be part of the core, but both PG and NTTR have their own unique object sets.

Would be kinda nice if all those assets fell under the main asset store, even if they are only used on one map. Then possibly you could have them as static objects and create fictional towns (although, you’d lack roads) - or add another building here or there that blends with the existing structures.


I have all the terrains and most of the aircraft plus CA and WWII asset pack. My Instal atm is 205GB Much more of this and my 1Tb Evo will be a standalone DCS drive :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I upgraded to 32GB RAM solely for DCS. It’s the only program that will make me use more than 50% of my RAM, and I’ve seen it as high as 75%!

I did the same. 32GB of RAM for DCS in VR. I have 213 GB of DCS goodness on a M.2 SSD but its on 500GB so I got to watch my step.

My solution to the map size issue…delete XP11…there’s closer to 1 TB right there!

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