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I confess that I don’t know much about the Tornado, but it sure looks like it can do the business. Baby’s got back too.


Really low, and really, really, fast is fun (at least in a sim :slight_smile: )

Cue the DI Tornado nostalgia: first one I actually got a sense of speed from, cus is has trees (to fly by). Simple 3-triangle trees but, hey, it was something ^^^

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That reminds me of one of those Dave Morgan interviews, when the SHARs were attacking Stanley airfield the morning after the first Black Buck mission, and he said the he was so low that he was looking up to see in the window of the control tower building as he flew by :grimacing:


I was maintainer for the Italian Air Force Tornado simulators for a few years and yeah… what @jross said.
Terrain following radar will keep the plane literally at low hover altitude while the engines will push it past Mach 2, if necessary.

It can be a scary fun ride. :smiley:

EDIT: I ran the simulator with the whole motion platform gig active- night mission, low level Battlefield interdiction- dropping canisters of submunitions or armored vehicles concentration, AAA tracers illuminating the skly.
You guys wouldn’t believe how ■■■■■■■ cool it was.

EDIT 2: Hell, years have passed - imma upload some videos of that stuff.


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What he ^^^ said!


So…why haven’t you, already…?
Don’t you love us, anymore?



Been trying yesterday- but the file format is wrong. :roll_eyes:
Give me a day more to try to convert it…


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Edit. You probably need to upload to youtube or something similar?

Well I’m not doing that…


This cracked me up. It’s a bit old but so is this thread.


Thoughtful programming displayed here.


I’ve been playing through the Operation Reforger II campaign that comes with the Tomcat recently. The 6th mission is pretty special - it reminded me of that one JAG episode.


Finally got around to watching that. It looks good but the trick is making it flexible and reusable - within the context of a larger system.

I’ve taken to using a [to me] little known/used feature in the ME (hope they don’t remove this): the ‘Condition’ box, right below the Group name. I can pre-populate [in theory] the entire map once and simply by setting a ‘code’ (this is all done in lua scripts) eliminate everything that’ you, the player, can’t see at startup. Along with dynamically generating “stuff” as you move around. Problem (isn’t there always) is this doesn’t work for static objects. :frowning_face:

The biggest limiter, to me, is how the DCS AI (such as it is) interacts - poorly, esp. on the CV deck. And the time to put it all in there. But I only have to do it once (per map).

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Here is a link to my DCS A10C videos. They are for my learning but may be useful to someone else also.


Hey there, @Hummpy and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

Thank you very much.

it looks nice, but the object count kiiiiiillllls the rendering thread.

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