DCS VR Shaders Mod (now with instructions!)



ummm… your framerate? How the sim looks?


You ever look at something. And then wonder - did it always look like that or am I just thinking it looks different? That’s where I’m at.


I just went ahead and redid the shaders mod - takes all of a couple minutes to do just in case…though it takes a bit longer to rebuild the shaders. Trying to get my install up to speed for the fly-in… :+1:


Look at the desktop mirror.
If there is a circle within which everything looks ok, and outside of that is distortions, the mod is active.
If the full rectangular window looks OK, the mod is not active


Seem a little complex to apply!

I won’t start if i’m not sure it works good with multiplayer!
Any advice?


Just look at the DCS server list and see if your server requires a “pure client” (which is what the game calls integrity check)


I use OVGME to install it and can deactivate it any time I need to such as updating or trying out different settings. It is very simple to do.
Here is the guide for using it


I use OVGME too, but as I have said in the original post of this thread, OVGME cannot track the changes made to your DCS install by the process of shaders compilation.

This means: removing with OVGME does NOT remove all traces of this mod, although it does work for mods that do not change the shaders.
I have tried removing this mod with OVGME only, but then you still cannot join IC servers.

Hence why I said you have to clean your install too, and remove all shaders directories, then do a repair.


Never saw that thanks. :slight_smile:


Does anyone clear out the shader cache after updating graphics drivers? Is there any point.


Yes and yes. Also get the gamma correction shader mods by kegetys while you are at it.


The what now?
What does this mod do?



the sRGB and VR shader mods stack. Another rather important tweak is this:

Dynamic range often is set to limited. Set it to full on both your outputs for major improvement in image quality!


Didn’t know Kegetys had a website!
I’m using his VR shader mod.

Edit: If I was upper echelon big dude in charge of ED, Kegetys would be on my payroll. They guy clearly know stuff.


Man I would like to try this…but I am too lazy. I seem to try and get back into Simming from time to time and it is always the same.

  1. There is a huge update because I have not run the sim for awhile.
  2. I’m old so I can’t remember what the commands are for simple things like recenter view.
  3. I want to make the sim look good and run smooth so I gotta tweak the crap out of it.
  4. I see something like the above and think hey that looks good.
  5. I start down the “dance” and find I’m out of time and have not even flown a single mission.

I actually have more free time than when I did the F4 dance over and over but It seems harder now?

It would be nice if there was a single big easy button for the install/tweak process so I could spend the rest of my time learning and enjoying the Sim


I hear ya!
Something for @SkateZilla to add to the GUI! :wink:


This shader mod is excellent… I can run reasonably decently with a 1060 and a rift (30-60 fps at 1.4X and 2xMSAA is OK with ASW). Sure it’s time for an upgrade in due time but this is an enabler at the moment!

Does anyone know why exactly the NVG-images are failing? Works fine with the Litening pod and A10C Mavericks, but the AGM65F’s seem to be dependent on this system.


Tried this today…while the performances are good (but not miles better then without the mod) i get a lot of shimmering…expecially with shadows and in the persian gulf map.
Is there a way to use only the mask and the msaa mask but the default shaders?