DCS VSN Mods F-104 Starfighter & F-105 Thud

Hi Fellas!
I saw that the F-104 mod is working again after a long absence. Then I saw that the F-105 is released by VSN. I know I am very late to the party but boy oh boy was I ever excited to see the F-105 D and E in game. Very cool. Cant wait to play with these new toys.


Last night I added the F-80. Wow! Just need an La-9 or Yak-9U and Korea is complete.


Rafael is neat.

Have you links ?

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What sim are we talking about here?


I am at work where everything is blocked so… This is the best I can do for now…
If that does not work, look for DCS VSN F-104 or F-105 on youtube. They are easy to find. The problem is the download is in German and might be a bit fiddly… Its not too hard to figure out. Just be patient with it. The planes loaded with no issues.
They all use cockpits of other aircraft in DCS.
https://youtu.be/v2SuY-EDCQU Here is the Video…

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