DCS Weekend News

DCS World Update
This week we released an DCS 2.5.2 Update 4 the focuses on the Hornet and DCS World foundation improvements. It is our primary focus create a solid foundation for the Hornet, from which we will only then start add new sensors and weapons.

Game Foundation

  • Fixed JTAC radio communication errors due to SA-18
  • Improved blending of material types
  • Corrected trigger zone when unit not in zone
  • Correct ship ATC radios by adding new ATC client information for carriers
  • Helicopters can once again land on the Kuznetsov
  • Added network synch for arrestor cable
  • Reduced “jitter” of aircraft on carrier deck in network play
  • Improved realism of AI carrier landings
  • World color table adjustments

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

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  • ME, Payload panel. Added ability to remove pylons
  • Removed sound distortion at speeds around Mach 1
  • Fixed re-arming in which new stores could not be selected
  • Powered Approach ¶ mode pitch trim has been tuned and pitching down moment at lowering of flaps is corrected
  • Fixed countermeasure reloading error
  • Range No Escape (Rne) calculation for AIM-9 and AIM-7 has been tuned. Raero temporarily removed
  • Afterburner can now selected for carrier takeoff at full throttle; finger lift function added as an Option
  • Maximum Bingo setting changed to 20,000
  • Fixed BIT freeze when folding the wings
  • Velocity vector length calculation has been moved to the DLZ
  • AI Hornets have had the position of their control surfaces for cold start adjusted. Additionally, control surfaces for AI Hornets have had their control surfaces tuned for landing.
  • Fuel feed lines now have correct fuel volume
  • Cold start position for the hook bypass switch has been corrected
  • External fuel tank indications added to the FUEL page
  • Added BIT for Avionics Undercool Warning Temperature Sensor
  • Fixed AIM-7F/M connectors
  • Corrected canopy actuator heating

There are of course several other very high-priority items that we are working on and will be coming in the near-future:

  • Basic Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) system
  • Radio frequency input not always being saved
  • Single (S) launch rocket pods
  • Changing radar scale using TDC
  • Canister munition accuracy
  • Exporting of DDIs
  • Use of Sensor Switch to initial lock
  • Situation in which stores can be auto-jettisoned
  • Synchronizing aircraft carrier animations

And others…


Thank Goodness! This bug was causing all sorts of problems on the server :smiley:

But joking aside, keep up the good work guys.


And with that bug fix, the Hornet is now feature complete :wink:

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With the launch for DCS World 2.5, there has never been a better time to fly a new aircraft, operate over a new map, or experience a new campaign.

DCS World Open Beta Update 5
This week we released another update to the Open Beta, with the primary focus being the Hornet and DCS World 2.5 foundation improvements. Once we are confident in the stability of the Hornet and the DCS World Open Beta, we will move both of these, and the Persian Gulf Map, to the release version of DCS World and DCS World Steam Edition.

Some highlights of this week’s update includes:

  • DCS World 2.5 Open Beta
  • Map ownership indication in Multiplayer to clients
  • Adjusted Night Vision Goggles
  • Corrected several radar warning receiver indications
  • Corrected subtitles display issues
  • Restored flood lights for A-10C

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

  • Updated radio modulation selection
  • Added basic Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) indications
  • Afterburner for carrier takeoff is set to on by default now
  • Can now remove pylons while in a mission using re-arm menu
  • Corrected selective store jettison

DCS: M-2000C: Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon


The M-2000C Red Flag Campaign is a story-driven campaign that takes place during an extraordinary Red Flag exercise at the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). The campaign backstory revolves around growing hostilities between Iran and its neighbors and a partially successful coup that takes place in the United Arab Emirates, effectively splitting the country in two.

You will take on the role of a deputy commander of a 10-ship strong detachment of M-2000C interceptors from the 02.005 Fighter Squadron “Île-de-France”. In preparation for war in the Persian Gulf, your detachment, and those from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and the Netherlands, will spend two weeks at the NTTR to hone your skills.
All of the missions are based on extensive research of actual Red Flag exercises and will each include interesting facts and stories from previous runnings of the exercise.


  • 16 story-driven missions
  • Over 3,000 voiceovers performed by more than 40 voice actors
  • Returning characters from the M-2000C Caucasus campaign
  • Highly detailed mission briefings, maps, and other documents that includes Air Tasking Orders and Data Sheets based on actual counterparts use by the US and French Air Forces
  • Many of interesting background facts and stories from past Red Flag exercises
  • Preparation for upcoming DCS campaigns in the Persian Gulf

More screenshots

This campaign requires ownership of DCS: M-2000C, along with the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map.

DCS World and Captoglove
This past week we were delighted to help show off Captoglove at the E3 2018 show. Captoglove offers what we believe will be the next step in cockpit interaction by allowing the player to interact with the cockpit with their actual hands!

Thoughts and Impressions Video

Combined with Virtual Reality headsets, we are getting closer and closer to offering an ever-more realistic flight simulation experience.

DCS World Newsletter - 29 June 2018

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DCS World Open Beta to Release
This week we made the big step of updating the release, “stable” version of DCS World from our current DCS World Open Beta version. Not only does this bring all modules to the release version of DCS World (like the Hornet and Persian Gulf Map), but it also integrates many fixes and updates that have been addressed in the Open Beta over the past several weeks. Some highlights include:

  • Support for new campaigns
  • Added new USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier
  • Implemented initial version of video memory manager
  • Added new OFFLINE mode
  • Added China Pack
  • Added moon light effects
  • Added Static Object templates
  • A-10C flood lights corrected
  • Updates to the Normandy 1944 Map
  • Added the new World War II Asset Pack units
  • Corrected tail wheel behavior for the Spitfire
  • Many improvements and fixes to the AV-8B Harrier N/A, M-2000C, MiG-21bis, C-101, SA342 Gazelle, Hawk T1, and Flaming Cliffs 3 aircraft.
    You can read the complete, lengthy change log in the dedicated thread
    Next week will bring an update that includes many additions and improvements to our Hornet.

DCS: Black Shark 2 – 2018 Trailer
In 2011 we released DCS: Black Shark 2, which is still the most authentic simulation of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter. Seven years later, the Ka-50 is still one of the most fun and exciting aircraft to fly in DCS World. With the graphical and updated world (like the new tree system and grass) that DCS World 2.5 brings, the Ka-50 is better than ever.

To highlight just how great the Ka-50 is to fly in DCS World 2.5, we’ve created an updated trailer video. Later this year, we’ll also be updating the Ka-50 cockpit (and A-10C!) to use our very latest graphic technologies.

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F/A-18C Pilot Explains How to Land on a Carrier in DCS World


Former F/A-18C Hornet pilot Lex Talionis talks about his experience flying and landing a Hornet in DCS World, and he shares his thoughts on PC flight simulations, virtual reality, and being a real Hornet pilot.


We always strive to improve DCS World and to make it feel more alive. We currently have auto-generated road and rail traffic, as well as ship traffic. We are also working to implement civilian foot traffic as well as civil air traffic. One new element that is nearing release is domestic livestock. While it may seem like a minor thing, it’s actually a very common feature in populated regions around the world. So, we bring you…. COWS!

Before you ask: no, such efforts do no take away from critical path developments (different staff), and yes, such updates are free.

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Suddenly, I’m reminded of the second episode of Bill et John.


Although Not Weekend News,COWS :slight_smile:

If you have never lived in the American South, you probably won’t understand.


Or if you’ve never craved a chicken biscuit on Sunday morning.


Bojangles >>> Chik Fil A anyway.

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:disappointed::frowning_face: You all see ‘Making the world more alive’ I see my minute framerate getting even more of a hit… I hope they can be turned off unlike the trees which have that horrible ‘growing as you fly’ effect on low.

You will be heavily penalized in log book for Cow Tipping :slight_smile:

So, my dad told me this horrible Vietnam mission story about denying the enemy a vital food source with his 20mm one day… It’s not very PC I’m afraid.



Those cows are overmodeled and inaccurate. According to my data, they should be looking up at the player and running away. As presently modeled, they have too high a “courage” modifier and need it to be nerfed while boosting the “cowardice” modifier.


They are static object, they are placed based on the Mission Designer.




Can we place them on trains?? :slight_smile: Cattle Train :slight_smile:


My oma and tanta Marta told stories about extremely ill-tempered cattle on a family farm in South Germany after the war…

And now that I think about it, my Uncle George’s Longhorns in East Texas were pretty terrifying, especially at 8 years old…