DCS World 1.5 Changelog and Update

Dear all,

What follows is a preliminary changelog of DCS World 1.5. Because
1.5 is being built from a new branch of our code, we cannot account for changes
made in earlier branches. As such, we had to create much of this changelog
based on memory and older bug tracking reports.

Because of this and that we will probably be adding or
modifying items, this changelog is very preliminary and subject to change
during the Open Beta period. Also please note that we are still awaiting
changelog items for most of the BST modules.

As items are added or modified, they will be highlighted in

As for the status of releasing the 1.5 Open Beta, we have
good news: we created the 1.5 branch (release version) today. Just as soon as
we complete smoke testing, we will release it.


The Eagle Dynamics Team

DCS World 1.5.0 Changelog


New unified executable. Separate executables are no longer
used for the front end and simulation.

New graphics engine with the following features: DirectX 11
Support, optimized for GPU rather than CPU, improved lighting and shadowing,
and improved graphical effects like contrails, flares and missile trail smoke,
improved water

Improved VR support with Direct Display mode and VR front
end GUI, but still very much work-in-progress until hardware reaches consumer
release versions

Corrected track synchronization errors

Note: Once DCS World 1.5 is out of Open Beta, we will update
the DCS World User Manual to reflect all of the following changes

Main Menu

Moved Options to icon at top of Main Menu.

Moved Module Manager to icon at top of Main Menu

Created Log-in / Log-out dialog at top of Main Menu

New Login dialog with the possibility to stay logged in


Changed System / Graphics “Scenes” to “Terrain Textures”.
Also changed to Low and High settings.

Added “Ultra” setting to Visib Range. This is for high-end
systems only.

Added separate Low and High settings for Heat Blur.

HDR now simply has On or Off settings.

Depth of Field settings added.

Lens Effects settings added.

Clouds settings added (no affect until new clouds are

Anisotropic Filtering settings added.

Model Visibility settings added.

Flat Terrain Shadows settings added.

Tree Shadows setting removed.

TSAA setting removed.

Cockpit Shadows setting removed.

Search option added to Controls

F2 view camera effects settings added to Misc.

Instant Action

New Instant Action missions selection dialog.


New Campaign selection dialog.


New dialog interface


Filtering based on Ping, Server Name, Map, Mission Name,
Players, and Time.

Added server descriptions.

Added mission lists with shuffle option

Added options to show message events: Kill, Takeoff/Landing,
Crash and Ejecting

Added option to allow object export

Added option to Pause on mission load

Added option to Pause a server with no client.

Client can now enter any nickname (up to 5) and select one
of them

Ships are now synced correctly

Log Book

Log book now accounts for individual aircraft statistics and
not just as a whole


3D interactive unit models for Aircraft, Helicopters, Ships,
Vehicles, and Weapons.


New Training missions selection dialog.

Mission Editor

Added map display options, MAP, SAT (satellite) and ALT
(elevation shading and iso lines)

Added new Trigger Actions: Begin Playing Actor, Stop Playing
Actor, Start Player Seat Lock, and Stop Player Seat Lock

Added new Advanced Waypoints Actions for Options: ECM Use,
Restrict Air-to-Air Attack, Restrict Jettison, Restrict Afterburner, Restrict
Air-to-Ground Attack, AA Missile Attack Range, and No Report Waypoint Pass.

USAF Aggressors are a special country that have all
aircraft, helicopters, ships, and vehicles accessible to them.

Added Fire at point task now has a quantity value allowing
users to define the number of shots fired at the target.

Changed All text boxes (Mission briefings, do script, etc)
character limit has been increased to approx 16,000 characters.

Adding aircraft to a group set to spawn on ramp now places
the new aircraft at the closest available spot to the lead aircraft.

Changed Triggered messages to now “stack” below
currently displayed messages no longer over-writing a message that is currently
being displayed.

Added “Clearview” variable to triggered messages
to use the old method of displaying messages.

Added MANPAD units can now be transported via embarking
actions like other infantry. (Side note currently you can’t add them to a group
with an existing embarking task, you have to create the group as you want it
THEN create the embarking task if it contains a MANPAD)

Fixed Bombs not producing a “shot” event.

Unit.getPlayerName() is now functional on ground units and
will return a player’s name if they are directly controlling the unit via
Combined Arms.

Many new countries have been added. These countries are not
yet populated with units, although they have access to all static object and
fortifications objects available, along with aircraft that are DCS modules.
These countries include: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China,
Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, North
Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea,
Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, and USAF Aggressors. These countries are also added
to the logbook with a few already populated with ranks and squadrons.

Sound files triggered to play over a radio frequency now
works correctly.

Static ships will no longer only face east. They will
respect the direction specified in the mission editor.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Aircraft use smarter holding point logic for landings

AI planes now land in two-ships and can a make straight
approach even if starting velocity is too high at landing IP. The first pair
lands using a direct approach and second will maintain a holding pattern. After
first pair lands, the second pair will make their approach.

AI using cranks after BVR shots to extend F and A poles

Improved AI weapon system logic. AIs will more accurately
estimate AAM percentage chance of kill (Pk). This is intended to prevent
situations where missiles bled energy pursuing targets with low Pk.

Improved AI logic of follow-on missile (AIM-120B/C, R-27
series, AIM-7, AIM-54 and R-33) shot if it determines the prior shot has been

Added antiship task to Su-17, Su-25 and MiG-27

4 v 2 ACM tactics have been improved. Both elements will now
take part in the fight

AI formations will now make altitude changes more smoothly,
thus allowing with wingmen to more easily stay in formation

Cruise missiles have much better terrain following guidance

Improved AI use of JDAMs. AI can now drop bombs on multiple
targets on a single pass.

Fixed Patriot so it now re-arms if near a warehouse

Changed M-109 reload time to be less insane. Was 7000
seconds, now 3600 seconds.


New F-5E

New L-39C

AIS pod added to payload of Western aircraft (no special
function at this time)

LANTIRN pods on F-16 corrected for older missions

New Model for TPZ

New model for Roland ADS

Added APC Tigr 233036 (Available to Russia)

Added APC Cobra (Available to Georgia)

Building fires are now local to the weapon impact


Lift of R-73 and AIM-9M was increased from 0.5-0.4 to

Increased luminosity size of smoke for S-8TsM and Hydra WP
smoke marker rockets

Increased maximum structural G limit of AIM-9M from 35 to 40

Gun Smoke effect tuned

Black Sea Map

Added higher-resolution texture created by Mustang

Increased damage value for hardened targets like ammo depot,
command center and aircraft shelters by 1.5 to 2.0 of their previous values.

Ground units falling through bridges has been largely


Infinite fuel after aerial refueling has been fixed

Transonic Roll-off eliminated

Wing rock effects implemented

Rudders have more authority

PTC operation corrected: trimming no longer required in
transition from SL to 40000’, ‘wind up’ effects corrected much faster, correct
operation on-ground.

High altitude, medium and high AoA behavior is corrected
(related to TRO above)

Slow speed, high AoA behavior is corrected

Throttle movement range compression is mostly corrected
(full movement range is useable, FTIT/RPM barely changes as altitude increases)

Two wing tanks now have less drag than the belly tank

Selectable bingo bug is implemented

Afterburner stages lighting off are now subtly audible

Conditions of oscillatory and flat spin are corrected


New 6DOF cockpit for Flaming Cliffs 3. New external model is
in progress.


Engine model update. Introduced RPM calculation based on
flight conditions (temperature, velocity, altitude). Core engine temperature
and trust envelope was corrected.

Corrected speed indication on HUD when below 80 KPH.


Gunsight cable added to cockpit 3d model

The 3-in-1 instrument “engine gauge” of the P-51D
is missing the „SQ. IN.“ label

In-game manual fixed

Sperry AN 5735-1 Directional Gyro missing markings at 45 and
315 degrees

AN 5825 Vertical Speed Indicator errors

Smoke Generator Typo fixed


Virtual flight engineer has been implemented

SARPP-12 system (System of Automatic Registration of Flight
Data) now has animated panel

Fully implemented model of KO-50 kerosene powered defroster

(P-503B) cockpit voice recorder is now animated

Activated all circuit breakers

Signal flare system is now made fully operational

Annunciator “СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ” (Cargo bay doors
open) now functional

Siren is implemented

«АВТОМАТ. СБРОС» (automatic release) switch is now

The external resistance for voltage control of STG-3
starter-generator is now implemented. Circuit breaker is located on the right
hand electric panel

The external resistance “VS-33А” «I —
РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ — II» (I - voltage control - II) is now implemented

Details of these improvements can be found in this thread: Mi-8MTV2 News - DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight - ED Forums


Rudder authority increased

In-game manual added

Fixed incorrect tank jettison button hint in russian

Emergency ignition switch is now normal two-position switch
instead of spring-loaded

Gun Selector now OFF instead of ALL GUNS at cold or runway

When guarded, rocket release selector now is always in OFF

New cockpit lights added: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2460322&postcount=343


New skins

New normal map

Minor 3D issues

Flap warning buzzer sound level tuned

Control stiffening for Rudders

Campaign fixes

Gaps between fuselage and cockpit (when viewed in cockpit)

Loading screen and wallpaper renders fixed

General FM improvements


Fuel system warning light errors

Normal full oxygen pressure

SZKK4 texture errors

Corrected skins

New normal map


HUD clipping fixed - HUD no longer shows outside HUD glass

Training Mission cold start - Updated to have voice over by
instructor and typos fixed

Small graphical artifact on canopy model - this was a
remnant of the canopy handle

Kneeboard has been implemented

Wrong number of stations on loadout screen in ME when Hawk
module isn’t installed.

Code optimization for DCS 1.5.0

Graphical optimization for DCS 1.5.0

Night lighting updated for 1.5.0

Combined Arms

Tanks with laser rangefinder. An automatic calculation fire
solution taking into account range, wind speed, own tank speed, angular speed
of target LOS is now implemented. (RShift+L)

Added Arcade (isometric) View

Uragan MRLS can now be controlled by player

Added Sights for Challenger 2 and LAV-25

Added Sights for M6 Linebacker (M2 Bradley sight for the
gun, Avenger sight for SAM)

Synchronization issues in Multiplayer is fixed

Fixed sight visibility limitation while zooming in fog

Fixed air target radio emissions detection with RWR, if the
target is not visible for ground radars due to curvature of earth

Added Sights for T-72 and T-90 MBT (from T-80)

Corrected SAM launch for Oliver Perry and Normandy

Added second reverse gear for M1A2 MBT

Added initial voice communications for Red and Blue tank
crews. More to come.

Adjusted M1A2 engagement range


Mirror image orientation corrected

Mirror image is now hidden when retracted

External textures improved

New Liveries: Royal Air Force Fictional, Patrulla Águila 30
Anniversary, Matacán 100000 HOURS, Armée de l’Air Fictional

Several liveries corrections

Solved issue with GPU missing when there is wind

Fixed issue with both ailerons deflecting in same direction
for AI

Collision model improved (now damage affects SFM

Default payloads added to Mission Editor

Surfaces and controls are now animated when using keyboard

Several inputs added

Kneeboard added

Ejection Seat adjusting added

Sounds for GPU and ejection seat fixed and added

Input options issues fixed

GUI image in payload section corrected

LoD optimization improved

It’s now possible to open the canopy with keyboard/joystick

Ejection sequence corrected

Theme music added

Pilot 3D model added in cockpit view

PSD C-101 Template 2048 added


Implemented RU Game Localization

Replaced multiple existing inputs with toggle inputs.

Added 9 New Keyboard Inputs: ASP Target Size, KPP Pitch Set,
RSBN/PRGM Channel Select, Radio On/Off, Radio Volume & Chl Selection

Fixed various instances of the Radio not working.

Fixed the Radar operating without electrical power

Increased missile smoke visibility

Fixed the “SPRD Appears on F6 View after use” bug

Introduced special option for ASP pipper gameplay features.

Improved drag chute physics, including chute use in
stall/spin recovery (Animation is however still limited)

Corrected Rudder Authority (“Rudder overpowering ailerons”)

Added UUA Sensor animation

Improved Over-G weapon jettison (Dynamic Weight Calculation,
per-pylon/weapon limit)

Improved regulated Afterburner throttle control

Partially fixed visible weapons remaining on
destroyed/missing wings

Fixed A-A missile lock tone bug

Corrected wing thickness & angle

Various corrections on all weapon pylons

Rebuilt frontal canopy for smooth fuselage transition

Re-Drew rivet and panel lines on rear fuselage

Added red floodlights in cockpit

Dozens of minor 3D/2D issues

Fixed various Cockpit graphics issues

Corrected various ASP calculation issues (Incorrect lead,

Added 8-10 new default liveries

New specular maps

Sculpted rear fuselage into a new normal map

Added new SPRD Rocket booster model and texture

Corrected placement of SPRD Rocket booster on aircraft

Further optimized external model and textures

Revised gear door textures

Corrected AoA vane animation

Temporarily removed ‘Canopy Icing’ checkbox pending visual


Mi-8MTV2. Russian Training Missions added.

Bf 109. Russian Single Missions added.

German Bf-109 K-4 manual added.


Nice and congrats!

Was going to post this a few minutes ago and thought I would just wait for @wagmatt to post it :smile:

Congrats! I know that the work has not finished but I know you and the team have put in a ton of work on this and deserve thanks for the effort. I appreciate being able to fly and fight in the DCS World … world … and that’s something I am very, very happy about! :slight_smile:

I wanted to post in the other thread but I didn’t get a chance :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry about that - I deleted my dupe. I preferred @wagmatt’s post :smile:

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Nice! Looking forward to this download!

Me too…! Thanks for the update Wags… I’m betting all the local stores around your team are out of coffee beans… LOL…


F5 for F-5! :smile:

That change log though.



Plus those poor OpenBeta status servers:


Congrats to you and the team, @wagmatt

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Love it! Thanks Matt and all at DCS!

Also there is that pesky F-5 again! @wagmatt if you guys dont release an F-5 along side the F-14 module I think you are missing a golden opportunity :wink:

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yes !!! Finally !!! this is gonna do so much good to DCS bringing even more new players into DCS !

got to make more videos now :stuck_out_tongue:

clicking every second on the update short cut :astonished:

Congrats @wagmatt and the rest of the team! Looking forward to bringing the servers to a grinding halt with my download as well!

Purusing the Hoggit area over on Reddit I came across this post which I thought might be useful for anyone looking to get in on the Beta action. There is a decent crew over on the hoggit reddit, so I thought I would post the link here.

Hoggit Reddit - On Updating to 1.5 (Unofficial Tech Support Here)

One of the neat things I discovered from that thread is Teeters Comprehensive Modification Compilation. Teeter has collected a group of modifications for DCS that makes it easy for people to find and install mods that will expand and extend your DCS experience. It is geared to new players but I think that it makes a great mod pack resource for anyone. I wish I had known about that earlier and I hope that Teeter updates this mod pack for 1.5 and beyond.

On that note, I would like to point out that its recommended if you want to help test and report issues with 1.5 during the Open Beta phase its highly recommended not to be running any modifications to your install… just saying :wink:

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Looks like they added to the change log…

Added sling load system - tactical, emergency and auto unhooking
Added cargo indicator
Added dust effect appearing upon contact of cargo with ground
Added possibility to change rope length in mission editor (7-30m)
Added snap view for cargo

Reduced the maximum possible G at an altitude above 5 km (made it closer to the official documents), this allows it to maintain airspeed and provide the “feeling” of stall entry
All electrical bus consumers now have a minimum voltage at which the consumer continues function

Available load factor was reduced for some altitude bands, this has made closer to official documents
Fixed logic of the ARC-5 NDB switches
Fixed stick shake during takeoff
View adjustment speed was increased
Increased performance reduction with damaged stabilizer
Added step throttle control

New Options for setting rudder and aileron trim tabs in options menu

Several cockpit textures issues fixed
Parking brake implemented
Startup training mission with English voice overs included

Originally Posted by c0ff View Post
a couple of notes about 1.5:

  • We won’t build 32-bit binaries anymore. The users of 32-bit systems will stop getting the updates. Steam users will have to switch to a special ‘beta’ to keep using 32-bit DCS (locked at 1.2.16).
  • Netcode improvements will come later
  • ServMan support is currently broken but will be restored. This will require some minor work on ServMan part. ServMan maintainters are welcome to PM me.
  • The infamous network ‘integrity check’ was removed and will be replaced with a different tech.

All updated in the main link. The updates are in red.

Also probably a stupid question but is the F-5 flyable or just AI?? Im assuming its just AI but they have the L-39 listed in models too and that is flyable soooooooo…


AI. The L-39 is listed because it needs to be included as a model for those that do not own the L-39 module.


Thanks @wagmatt that’s what I figured but just wanted to make sure :wink: