DCS World Update 3

DCS: World 2.0.3 Update 3 Available

DCS World Update 3

DCS World
Fixed GUI error when choosing a place in the supply list.
Fixed explosion sounds after mission restart
Fixed FPS drop when using RADAR
Corrected score points for Armed House 2 (10 instead of 100)
No more Thrustmaster HOTAS, XBox 360, Cobra axis stuck when player moves it quickly
AI weird behavior at the mission start fixed
Fixed DCS World crash when unactivated module started
F10 Map view and clickable area fixed in multimonitor configuration
Scale icon removed from Campaign window

Net phantom extrapolator improved
Server always get all network events to get game statistics.
Export API: a way to get own unit type implemented even when allow_ownship_export is turned off in server settings

Fixed random crash on exit from mission

Bf 109 K-4
Slats movement fixed
DE Fw-190 Quick Start manual filename corrected
2 dogfight skin added

Speed calculation with rain fixed
Livery changing on different LODs fixed
Fixed random crash on exit from mission
Fixed crash on restart Instant Action missions

Trimmer mode option added (now the same as Mi-8 )

Position indicator (ИП-52) color corrected

Fixed flap assignment for HOTAS Warthog

added separate mode for M-2000c ground ranging
TAS (radar ranging) upgrade.
AG gunsight upgrade.
HSI VAD enabled.
WP display on VTB bug fix.
OBL not displaying bug fix.
TAS for OBL/IP bug fix.
RWR Threat library updated
RWR Sounds updated
RWR Launch detection mode enabled
Radar NCTR library included
Radar NCTR enabled
Decoy release program enabled.
Built-in Jammer upgraded.
New keyboard bindings.
INS N.DEG light bug fixed
Bullseye coordinates fixed
INS “Always Aligned” not working bug fixed
Radar CCM bug fixed
DRM button added to Module Manager

Smoke pylon added (pylon 6) within the body of the aircraft
Smokewinders removed from pylon 3 (fuselage) and added to pylon 6 on weapon loadout in mission editor (Note:
AI smoke functional, player smoke still bugged and working on)
DRM button added to Module Manager.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations
Fixed radar causing FPS loss and/or occasional crash.
Fixed SRZO IFF causing a crash.
Increased roll rate.
Improved AFM flaps & airbrakes’ logic.
Improved AFM on supercritical AoA
Corrected vertical tail & rudder efficiency on critical and supercritical AoA
DRM button added to Module Manager[/quote]


Oh thank god. And here I thought it was a feature all this time…



NTTR Nevada (2.0) improved lighting incoming


It just keeps looking better and better! :heart_eyes:

Oh hey, someone broke out the red paint brush.

One day, there will be a glimpse of an f111… . One day :f111: