DCS World 2.X. Update (News Only)

Starting this thread to post update notices for DCS World 2.1.x This should take the place of all DCS World 2.0 update threads:

DCS World 2.1.0

DCS 2.1.0 is starting of new lineup of DCS 2.1 versions with integrated of NTTR and Normandy map together, new deferred shading and PBR features and numbers of a less major improvements.

[Oh thank the flight-sim dieties! I don’t have to have another install - Fridge]

Known issues that will be fixed ASAP:
The HUD indication would not be visible on the sky background in some circumstances.

DCS World

  • Introduced deferred shading and PBR.
  • Crash on second launch of track with JTAC fixed.
  • Scripting Engine. Weapon.getTarget() will returns correct value with SEAD weapons.
  • LOS determination fixes, Fog Of War fixes.

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO

  • Rear cockpit functionality removed for now for server stability. This should prevent server crashes when players eject, please report feedback.

Known bugs:

  • GTS and Engine spool up sounds not working.
  • HUD glass showing pink during day and red at night with deferred shading set to On.
  • External model bullet hole textures showing incorrectly with deferred shading set to On.
  • Taxi/landing light not casting light on surface with deferred shading set to On.
  • Taxi/landing light texture on external model incorrect with deferred shading set to On.
  • For now, it is best advised to turn deferred shading Off (in settings) when flying Hawk.


  • Added navigation support for Normandy (RSBN/PRMG only, no NDBs at the moment).
  • SAU landing mode improvement
  • FFB stick movement on roll improvement, when SAU is activated
  • Fixed pitched trimming with FFB

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek

  • Input. AI gunners commands can be bind to input devices.
  • Bug-fix HSI initialization
  • Bug-fixes of AI-gunners:
  • no fire during FIRE behavior option choice and target are within the range of shooting
  • AI gunners aiming
  • AI gunners skill slider
  • Bug-fix scale of speed indicator US-450
  • Added “dirty glass” (_glass_dirt) texture and livery (with choice from SPECIAL tab)
  • Tuned swing during engine start and buffet (vibration) during flight

DCS UH-1H by Belsimtek

  • Bug-fixes of AI-gunners:
  • no fire during FIRE behavior option choice and target are within the range of shooting
  • AI gunners aiming
  • AI gunners skill slider

DCS MiG-15bis by Belsimtek

DCS F-5E by Belsimtek

  • Corrected rockets release with 60 ms interval set via kneeboard.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • New changes not included in latest 1.5.6 update:
  • Reworked ADI model and texture: new appearance, plus pitch and roll angles are now more accurate.
  • Fixed PAT mode FD pitch steering indication.
  • Fixed ADI FD Bar for GO AROUND mode.
  • Fixed FD GO AROUND light, which stayed lit after PAT, ALT modes engagement.
  • Best climb attitude in GO AROUND mode adjusted according to aircraft operations manual.
  • Fixed HSI course and heading knobs which should have no limit when sliding mouse (scrolling was already OK).
  • Following lights can now be rotated to adjust their brightness: Markers, IFF Reply, IFF Test, Emergency Pitch Trim, and Ignition.
  • Standby Attitude Indicator setting knob has now limits when scrolling.
  • Fixed Airspeed Indicator Bug, it travels now correctly.
  • Updated training missions due to generator test switch argument value change.
  • Adjusted ILS parameters.
  • ILS receiver sensitivity adjusted.
  • Fixed instruments glass and canopy reflections (WIP).
    Fixed following switches, they are now spring-loaded:
    ** Generator on/off/reset
    ** Generator fault/overvoltage test
    ** Manual temperature control switch (the one in the Air Conditioning Panel - COLD/MANUAL/WARM)
  • Changes already present in latest 1.5.6 update, which are new for 2.1.0: See DCS 1.5.6 Update 2 and DCS 1.5.6 Update 3.

ANTISKID logic is implemented now as follows:

  • The indicator is off when the system operates normally or gear handle is set to ‘GEAR UP’ or CB ‘BRAKES & ANTISKID’ is pulled.
  • The indicator displays ‘OFF/ANTISKID’ (both orange and red lights) when gear is set to ‘GEAR DOWN’, antiskid system is powered (CB not pulled), and antiskid system is turned OFF.


  • Roll will not induced side-slip with SAS on.
  • TACAN. Test light shape corrected.
  • Landing Gear Position Lights will lit at night.
  • RWR PRI Mode indicator will lit at night.

DCS Flaming Cliffs

  • Su-27. Cockpit stick animation angles corrected.

DCS L-39

  • Corrected L-39 Instant Missions for NTTR map.

From Wags:

Next week we are moving our product code updates to Wednesdays instead of Fridays. After all, who wants to suffer with a covfefid build all weekend in case of a bad update bug?

How much is it going to hurt the dictionary people to put covfefe in?

PS: @fearlessfrog or someone with power … is it possible to split this discussion? I am not against anyone’s opinions but I originally thought to use this thread just to report/focus in the updates. I am fine with leaving it as is … just a thought.



I’ll split - two secs.

This thread can be the 2.1 update news only, discussions and freeform in the other one here:

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Would this be something to be stickied?

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We could do, but I personally don’t like lots of stickies. I don’t feel strongly about it though, so we can blame @BeachAV8R. You can make your own with a bookmark, as that will do a special ‘watch’ on a topic.

Agreed - I’m not a huge sticky fan. Fortunately, we have light enough traffic here that generally someone will catch topics that are newly updated.

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Can we lock it so that only Fridge can update it?

I think so, yes (make a group, put Fridge in it, give group write perms). I say let it ride though, there’s only a few of us here anyway. We’re an exclusive forum. :slight_smile:


I’m not against discussion :slight_smile: just wanted people looking for patch information to not have to dive through a ton of posts :slight_smile:


New controls coming…
from Wags…
"One of the most important changes we have made is the addition of a gamma slider. Depending on a user’s monitor, the image can look quite different. We hope this new option will allow you all to adjust the image to your preference."


DCS Update 1

We are hard working about major issues of DCS 2.1.0.
Today we decide released some of first fixes.

DCS World

CTD caused by dynamically spawning or respawning an aircraft fixed.
Nevada. Dark line near Laughlin removed.
Nevada. Graphical artifacts and z-fighting on Hoover Dam models fixed.
Normandy. "Bridge is under water" - fixed (maybe some issues still remain).
Normandy. Invisible obstacle for ground units in Cherbourg removed.
ME. Corrected Copy/pasting the leader of WW2 big formation sets.
Briefing. Briefing picture will scaled by mouse wheel into its window.
Atmosphere. Very low air temperature at high altitudes corrected.
Sun Glare effect will be presented in the cockpit mirrors.
Normandy. Kneeboard maps will be working in Normandy.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

Fixed mirror reflection.
Corrected instrument reflection and canopy reflection (still WIP).

DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC

PBR textures for cockpit gauges' glass implemented.
PBR textures for tires implemented.
PBR textures for external glass implemented.
Fixed default Serbian livery bort numbers. (Only tail numbers should show now, must use 5 digits.)
Fixed trim adjusting while using a joystick.


Fixed Cockpit glass texture.
Fixed dynamic numbering textures.

DCS F-86F by Belsimtek

Addition of german DCS: F-86F Sabre flight manual

DCS World 2.1.1

  • Trigger Scenery Destruction Zone will work on Nevada.
  • Textures integrity control for terrains has been added.
  • GUI. Main window. Module manager icon with indicator of not-installed modules added.
  • Game options. Graphics presets slightly modified.
  • Game options. Added gamma slider available in the graphic options and ingame options.
  • Module Manager. Installed tab. Added hyperlinks to developers homepages.
  • Normandy. Added instant action missions for Ka-50, F-15C, Bf 109, Su-27, Fw 190, L-39.
  • PAI. WW2 big formation. Death of leader will not cause groups to turn around and head to their first waypoint. Added Mission Task to transfer the formation control from dead wing leader to followers.
  • Added livery selection into Rearm/Refuel panel.
  • Shadows on aircraft body with very noticeable aliasing corrected.
  • Input. A ‘negative’ axis response will restored.
  • UAZ driver model will not disappear on mid-range LOD.
  • Mirrors will not display distant objects through near ones.
  • GUI. Graphic options. Some options depend of Deferred Shading state.
  • AI helicopters. Helicopters will be spawn in the correct formation as it assigned into Advanced actions - Set options - Formations.
  • AI helicopters. Helicopter wingmen behaviour in formations corrected.
  • WWII Assets Pack extended. Added new units.
  • Su-25T. Chinese pilot manual updated.


  • Russian pilot manual updated.


  • Su-25: Fixed NPP Pointer that was inverted.
  • Su-25. Chinese pilot manual updated.

DCS UH-1H by Belsimtek

  • Corrected of strange behavior of long cargo rope after hooking.

DCS Mi-8MTV2 by Belsimtek

  • Bugfix: The center of gravity is not restored after the procedure “repair” (now it fixed)

I can’t check for the next couple of days myself, so could anyone check what the new asset pack units are?

Do tell?

I think these are new


Oooooo nice! Wonder if those guns work? :slight_smile:

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I don’t even dare to ask if they have their aiming devices and if their accuracy is modeled… ehhh… accurately…

The vierling works fine.

There are four different variants of the 88s and they all shoot, but they seem to be firing contact fused rounds, so they’re not quite effective yet.

Tanker are about to test on his server… just sayin :slight_smile:

Do the rounds not explode in the air unless they hit you? I dont have normandy or the assets so i cant test.

Without having fragmentation modeled, I guess the best they could do would be if you are within X range of explosion you take X damage scripting. Which is what I think they do with the bombs blast radius now, but could be wrong.