DCS: World 2.0.3 Update 1 changelog (August 19)

DCS: World 2.0.3 Update 1 changelog

DCS Update 1

DCS World

Fixed crash after exit from multiplayer.
Fixed black screen on second mission run after change MSAA.
Labels format now forced in multiplayer game from mission file (custom labels script should be added to mission file manually).
Trimmer method now selecting correctly for FFB and nonFFB devices.
DCS can be closed by Alt+F4 combo (need to add ‘respect_alt_f4 = true’ line to autoexec.cfg).
VOR now works on NTTR map.
Added DRM control buttons for paid campaigns.
Encyclopedia: R4M rockets description added.

DCS Bf‐109 K‐4

Module is in release status now.
Added new skins.


Fixed missing wing tank pylon textures on s ome LODs.

DCS F‐5E Tiger II

Fixed wind calculation in FM.
Radio channel presets now loading in a prepared mission.
Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel chart.
Tail position light now flashing on net phantom.


Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel c hart.


Fixed crash when repair. [/quote]

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Anyone tried Gazelle multi-crew yet? It might be in there but not in the notes.

I’ll try it in about 45min

Might stream it. Will be live here:

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New pics comparing caucasus theater 1.5.4 vs 2.5 versions, show on DCS: W newsletter

I cannot get my rudder and joystick to work despite deleting my gazelle input folder (WH HOTAS Throttle works). Will fly the F-5 instead.