DCS: World 2.0.5 Update 1 Changelog

DCS: World 2.0.5 Update 1 Changelog

DCS Update 1 Changelog

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Leatherneck integrated.

DCS World
S-25OF rocket engine plume increased.
Sweden is in the blue coalition by default.
Adjusted propeller drawing procedure for correct blur appearance.
ME. Trigger zone could be set below 100 meter radius.
MiG-29S. Errors of external 3D model corrected.
Force Feedback with Saitek Cyborg Evo Force joystick restored (need to add ‘input.blacklist_ffb = false’ line into \Saved Games\DCS\autoexec.cfg file).
SA-15 Tor. Rearming restored.
MP. F10 map will works correctly after mission changing.
Game crash when player issues command Group.destroy() to their own group fixed.
Fire effect of BetAB-ShP piercing concrete bomb booster corrected.
Aircraft without internal gun will have gunpod sound.

DCS Hawk by VEAO
AHRS failure on re-spawn fixed.
HYD2 pressure loss on re-spawn fixed.
Keyboard pitch control now auto re-centers preventing HYD bleed during flight.
Swiss textures being black in F1 and F2 view fixed.
Liveries: “Finland HW-329 Green Brown” added to country Finland.
Liveries: “Finland HW-341 Grey” made more matte and wrong liveries name fixed (was “HW-373 Grey” instead of “HW-341 Grey”)
External canopy glass made more transparent.
Updates to EFM flight model.

Added full support of hieroglyphs for the binoculars interface.
Crash when controlled Igla collides with building fixed.
Crash when player leaves ground unit with turned ON radar view fixed.

Muzzle flashes will not appear inside cockpit.

DCS Spitfire IX
Changed altimeter set pressure scale from ATA to millibars.

DCS Flaming Cliffs 3
Su-25. Gunsight reticle indication of range is corrected.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Fixed collision model to improve FPS, especially when flying close to some objects.
Improved flaps external model.[/quote]


Note from below the changelog:


Known Issues:
MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.
M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.

Will fix ASAP.

Also, you need to have VC14 Runtime installed on your PC: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/down....aspx?id=53587



Was the low fps with clouds fixed?