DCS World 2.0 - The Enemy Within

Originally published at: http://www.mudspike.com/dcs-world2-the-enemy-within/
Killing two birds with one stone – we take an early look at DCS World 2.0 and a fantastic user made campaign…. Note – this article contains images that depict a pre-alpha state of DCS World 2.0. Features are constantly being added, improved, fixed, and reworked, so these images may or may not represent the…


The mythical Enemy Within article - they said that was just a legend, lost in time… :smile:

Hmm, I want to look at the DCS 2 pictures, but I don’t want to spoil the campaign. Baltic Dragon looks like he has done an amazing job there. Ok, gonna just scroll down really fast…

Oh, and thanks to @wagmatt and TFC/ED for permission to use these early DCS World 2 work-in-progress images at Mudspike.com. So far it’s looking great!

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Glad I could help out guys! A well written and professional piece of work that is the hallmark of Mudspike.


My jealousy level is over 9000. :smile:

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I thought I had finally got enough badges for my trust level to be high enough to see it :smiley:

Nice work as always!

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Well, that third mission was just an embarrassment. I am so far out of the A-10C that I could barely remember how to call up a CCIP drop. If I were more current, I’d have come around and dropped some LGBs on the treeline, Mavericks, then gone with non precision weapons and finally the rockets and gun. I was just in DUMB MODE - ON…

Enjoyed reading your preview, thanks!

Can you say, if you not breach your NDA, on what PC-system do you have played the missions and what was your average FPS rate?

that was awsome i really enjoyed readying the article !!!

cant wait to try that dcs world 2 is gonna be magic !

I will have to ask - but suffice it to say, I have what I’d call a mid-range system and had no issues. I had more options turned up higher (further view distance, tree shadows, etc…) with better FPS than DCS World 1.x…but I’ll see if I’m allowed to post hard numbers and perhaps a screen of my settings.

My system:

Intel i7-4770K @ 3.50GHz (not overclocked)
Windows 8.1 Pro x64
Thrustmaster Warthog
GeForce GTX 760 (I dunno what this is…mid range? Sorry I’m not a techie person)
Samsung EVO 850 SSD

So I really don’t know how that system compares up to most. I’ll get back to you though…thanks for the question!


No need to wait to play that campaign though. Baltic Dragon has it up still and it’s free…but truly, truly worth a donation. I donated €10 and I think it is well worth it. I like playing DCS as a game as well as a sim…and having a great story and a reason to come back to the computer night after night is pretty awesome.


Baltic Dragon’s Paypal: HERE!

@esonub - Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

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Completely jelly. Well written. The pic of your A-10 on fire and your chute deployed with the sun and clouds in the background is epic. Says it all for me.

When that happened…my old wishlist item of wishing that a friendly helo could come rescue me came to mind. Be neat to return to base, grab another A-10 and…



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Will do ! :slight_smile:

ppl that support the community by making great stuff should be rewarded … with taking in conclusion every members finance state … :wink:

Love it! Nice work, @BeachAV8R!

Thanks a lot BeachAV8R for nice words and very professional review! I am glad to see you enjoy the campaign and even more glad to see that it works (almost) flawlessly under DCS World 2.0, which means there probably won’t be any major tweaks / changes needed. Have fun with the rest of the missions!


I keep telling myself that it doesn’t matter that DCS2 is delayed. It’s a good thing that they keep working on it… That it’s summer anyway and I just started my vacation. And summer vacations should be spent on the beach (the sandy one! Not the av8 one) and not behind a PC…
But watching the live stream on sunday, and now reading this preview.
I want DCS2. I really do…
I’m only human! :wink:

Nice AAR preview, Beach!
And thanks for the stream last sunday, Wags!

Keep up the great work, both of you!

Jorgen “Troll” Toll

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Welcome Baltic - you and your team did terrific work - thanks!

Great review and stunning pictures. So nice to see the old map looking so fresh. This campaign looks a real gem too, another promise to myself is to do this one by Baltic Dragon and VergeevGroup again once I get my hands on DCSW2 :smile:
Thanks to Mudspike for some excellent reading and ED for kindly allowing it to occur

@Cib Vergeev Group was one of my favorites. I loved the tension and focus on flying in the beginning of that campaign… I don’t need a hundred kills and constant action - I just need a good story, some light action, and a feeling of accomplishment. Heck…that’s the nice thing about writing missions for any of the helos in DCS (Ka-50, UH-1H, or Mi-8)…80% of the mission immersion is just surviving flying those death-traps…!