DCS World 2.1 Update Screens

Since it’s now here, we can all play with the new lighting and gizmos. Show us what you got and post some screens!

Some nice new UI touches around buttons etc:

Looks very nice, lots more polish.

The new settings screen for Graphics. Let’s hit that ‘High’ button.

Ok. Some metal shots in an old friend:


Getting into sunset time… Really beautiful…

Great job Eagle Dynamics!

Performance seems great, solid 60 fps at 1080p middle monitor. I’ll try VR next to get a comparison.


I remember all the people complaining Nevada wasn’t red enough.

I think they fixed it.



If we’re invoking the anthem, we’re invoking the right anthem. Partiya Leninina, gopnik debil


The text area for the briefing seems wider now. Finally, the tiny text window has been a huge pain for the automated briefings in my dynamic campaigns.


Probably my favorite sci-fi book series of all time. I didn’t care for this movie but I loved the sci-fi channels version of Dune and Children of Dune.


Fog is foggy

Departing the French coast

Models are so nicely shiny


Unedited. I was having so much trouble with updating 2.0.x, that I decided to do a foundational rebuild. I kept my Saved Games folder, so custom missions, kneeboards, input configs were all saved. All skins were loaded with JSGME. First module downloads are NTTR and FC3. Took a quick hop in the Eagle to make sure all is well. Normandy downloading now, but expect that I will be asleep before it’s completed.



Birds near the ocean in normandy :open_mouth:


Wow :heart_eyes:

How’s performance with 2.1? Is it even more intense on your graphics card then even 2.0?


I made a quick video to test the 2.1 water effects in NTTR. I used the windy/could setting, and maybe its just me, but it looks the same as it did. Flat. Overall, I dont think mine looks as good as some of the screens above. I’m running on everything high, except for visibility which is on ultra. Thoughts?

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I don’t think the lake tile in NTTR is the same as the sea tiles in Normandy @Gunnyhighway, although not sure. The new effects look like they are for the sea.

I think that’s also the reason you can’t put ships on Lake Mead in NTTR as well.

Anyone know for sure?

It is more intense in general. There are extra ground and cockpit shadow settings, and with the new deferred shading setting will tax most GPUs. Lots of tweaks in terms of settings and future updates coming up I’d expect.

I played fine in NTTR in VR at 1.7 oversampling, but ASW kicked in to 45 FPS pretty much all the time. I just hit the ‘VR’ preset, but will likely tweak shadows and AA, as the default settings are a tad high for a 1070 8GB.

EDIT - certain spots in NTTR seem to crash framerates, so a bit alpha in that regards. It’ll take some time I think to get decent VR performance with the 2.1 bits.

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This is what the sea looks like with 20 knot winds (compare to my earlier screens)

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With a wind of 50 knots you get some nice waves. It’s hard to make them look right on a screenshot but in 3D motion they look great.


I just did a 45 minute tour of the map in the L-39ZA in VR and IMO, it’s bloody spectacular. The amount of objects rendered in detail, especially around Caen, is astounding. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this map. Sets the bar for any flight sim. When you combine the 3D pits in VR with the view outside, I am almost beyond words. And this is at 300 kts.