DCS World Fly-In Save The Date: November 12-13

Anybody still flying? Real World kicked in with a vengeance this weekend.

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Yeah…I had to take advantage of my son being off for a 3-day weekend and hit the mountains where the cabin we stayed in had really slow internet speeds. I’m back, but am up to my shoulders in dirty gear and trying to get the little one unwound. I’m really sorry I missed it…

I’m around, but not really flying. Probably going to get some dank warships action in

Big thanks to everyone who participated! I know I learned a little: about how not to deliver nuclear weapons and how not to slingload in an Mi-8 being two of the biggies. I also saw just how effective tactical formations can be at force multiplying, and found out just how much natural talent I have at keeping up my Situational Awareness.

Good times seem to be had by all, and there some pretty great moments!

We should do this again.


Yeah it was really fun. I could only participate on Saturday but it was totally worth the time.

And a big thank you again to everyone who hosted and put up with my antics. Had some really good fun and like @EinsteinEP wowed at how effective competence and teamwork can be.

I learned a lot about the mirage, and my foray into the dark arts of a2a stuff.

Though there was some frustration, my first ever attempt at air refuelling. After spending a good 10 minutes trying nab the basket. Finally starting to click and before i could get a proper refuel in a sneaky F5 shoots down my tanker. In deep concentration, a big explosion, and i almost pooped my undies.

Very good times and great to see so many on. Thanks again to all


Thanks everybody, especially server hosts @EinsteinEP @near_blind @WreckingCrew
Could only be there on Saturday, had a great time though. It’s such fun to fly together. If I had the time, I’d join a virtual squadron.

So, when is the next MCE?