DCS World Fly-In Save The Date: November 12-13

I think it’s a graphical glitch because it pops back in every now and then. TMS up doesn’t fix it. Probably out of range for a lock(± 8NM). So I should be at the edge of what the sensor can see.

Ah! Far away could be the reason, yes.

Ah awesome. I am still fighting the controls a little when they don’t always seem to do or give the feedback of what they ought to do.

Honestly, my biggest miss is speed, I feel like a helicopter without all the advantages of an helicopter!

to clarify, modelviewer isnt “built in” the button launches the Model Viewer that’s already part of the DCS World Build.


The Hollo Pointe server will run DCS v1.5.5.

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IS Hollo pointe up yet on the me no see it on server list

I am going to miss tonight but I will be on tomorrow and Sunday.

I had to update all the missions. It is running Simply War now.

Is anyone on yet?

updating servers and stuff

Did the server name change or is it simply not up? I cannot find it in the 1.5.5 server list.

Its time gentleman…
I have the biggest watch I can find, the biggest shades that can fit on my face…

I feel the need…

Looks like DCS has released a new patch for today !!!.

Yeah, and it breaks Helios inputs, which sucks.

It doesn’t look like the steam version of DCS is getting the latest update. Anything I can do?

hrm… in DCS World\bin folder there’s a utility called dcs_updater.exe. Run it with the parameter “update” (e.g., “dcs_updater.exe update”) and it should force the update.

Of course, you can also verify you’re at by looking at the main menu.

an update just came up in steam - looks like i can join in on the fun! When are people on?

We’re playing in helos now. Operation Bactria will start in 55 minutes from now.

Get on our TS3 to find out who’s where.

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Sorry for the drop in the server, we lost Internet to the house. Luckily I can stand on my tippy toes in the back corner of my backyard to get 4G.

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