DCS World Fly-In Save The Date: November 12-13

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since our very first DCS World Fly-In?

We will be hosting another one the weekend of November 12-13th. :mudspike:


DCS World 1.5 and 2.0 servers will be running over the course of the weekend with various multiplayer missions. There should be a wide variety of modules and plenty of slots for everyone, so there is no need to purchase anything to join up.

Server connection details (server names, versions, passwords) will be posted on Mudspike.com the week before the event, November 7th, as well as a schedule of workshop/breakout sessions.

Voice communications (TS3) are strongly recommended, but not required for most of the event. Mudspike TS3 server connection info can be found in the Events tab at the top of the forum page.

If you’ve been putting off playing multiplayer because it’s just too daunting, or if you’ve been longing to practice tactical formations or advanced BFM with a human instead of robotic AI, now is the time! Pilots of all experience levels are welcome - newcomers are encouraged to ask questions and learn from fellow players, while experts can practice/show-off their more advanced skills, and everyone can talk flight-sim shop with like-minded folks.

Have a specific request for a mission? Looking to learn more about a specific tactic or system? Post it below and we’ll see what we can arrange!

We could also use more DCS server hosts, especially in the EU area, so if you’re able to offer a stable server with a decent internet connection, please PM me.


been waiting for this for to long :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! Looking forward to this

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Is there a recommended DCS version?

It’s been a while since I had it installed and I see various release, alpha, beta versions…

I assume we need to be on the same version to connect? Glad the servers will be up ahead of time to test.

I haven’t played it since Blackshark2 and a naive doomed attempt to fly the Huey when it first released.

Looking forward to flying the Hawg with y’all.


We’ll most likely be playing the stable version. This is oftentimes the same version as the beta version and thus multiplayer compatible.

There’s a possibility we’ll do some stuff on the 2.0 version. But likely not that much and extremely unlikely we do the main event things there. You need to buy the NTTR DLC before you can play on 2.0 hence we usually opt to use 1.5

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With or without Simple Radio?

Mods, such as Simple Radio, will not be absolutely required to join up, but there may be missions/events where tools like this will be helpful for immersion.

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YAY! I’ll try and be there, it was great fun the last few times.

Confirmed I have them days off.

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Holy snappin duckpoo!, i finally have corresponding days off and may be able to join a fly in… now how to ensure missus does not book these days up.

I can do

Combi Arms
F111. :f111:

Edit never used simple radio… who where how?

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We had some pretty big stuff going on last time with M2kC’s as strikers and F-15’s for CAP, maybe there’ll be something like that again.


That was a really, really fun mission.

I can’t speak for the other mission makers, but I’m not planning on making something of that scale this time around, I simply haven’t got the time. I’m trying to tease out something of a similar vein but with a smaller player count.


I’d like to host this as an MME on Hollo Pointe, DCS version 1.5.4 -
Erl Sis Urassis, Caucasus Map
Blue: A-10A/C, F-15C, M-2000C, UH-1H, Ka-50; Red: Su-27, Su-25A/T; Combined Arms
F10 ALL, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), Winter, Start 0800 10JAN
Red Democratic Republic captured oil sites and is selling crude to finance their advances. The RDR is threatening Krasnordar-Pashovsky Airbase.
Blue Liberation Front must strike back against the oil facilities to stop the enemy finances. Stop the flow of oil and the RDR will collapse.
NO MANPADS. Fast movers have wingmen.

Mission requests for Hollo Pointe?


Out of town again! Arrhggg.

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This might ruffle some feathers but i would prefer labels off. Nothing worse than throwing the cheat up to find your targets. Just knowing they are selectable is a total immersion killer for me.

But thats me.


Same here.
I am proud that - by training - I am able to find targets rather well. Labels are just wrong.
If someone has trouble finding stuff, ask the FAC. (did I mention there should be FAC slots?)

Aaaaand here I am with no internet…