DCS World new theater poll.

With upcoming modules and recent switch to 2.5, which new theater (choose one) would you like the most to appear in DCS World, beside Persian Gulf?

  • Central Europe (for “cold war gone hot” scenario)
  • GIUK Gap - Iceland + Norway (Red Storm Rising)
  • Korea (for 50’s and modern scenario)
  • Vietnam (self explanatory)
  • Other (name yourself)

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All of the above, plus Sweden, for the Viggen :slight_smile:


GIUK Gap would be great for carrier ops and Anti-Shipping (ie Viggen). Someday I would like to see a Falklands map, although we don’t have the right aircraft for a historical matchup at this point.


A-6 Intruder, Vietnam, Huey, aircraft carrier, SA-2. I’d be set for a long time…


OK…I’ll take an OV-10 Bronco too…


Someone promote that man!

You know what’s great about the OV-10…you don’t even have to be a GOOD marksman. I mean…

“Yeah…see that smoke I just shot there…your target is 200 meters north of it…light it up…”

So you get to be the hero without having hero skills… Win-Win…


I’m of the belief a map centered around Tromso circa 1986 or so would be the most effective use of DCS’s current resources. You get your naval shenanigans. Between the Swedes, Norwegians, UK and US you can find stuff to do for all your land based aircraft, and the Soviets are just around the corner. The AI library as it is strongly supports a late 70s through late 90s time period.

Let’s go visit the Nordkapp. It’ll give us something to do for the decade it’ll take to sufficiently build out a proper Vietnam map/unit set.


I like your thinking!
Lots of stuff went down up here during the cold war. And if it would’ve gone hot, we would’ve been right in the thick of things.

Balkan and Italy would be nice, especially if there are parts of Austria in it…

I’ve heard tell back in the day Tomcat Oahu Luaus were The Shnitzel!
Hawaian Islands

Phantoms, MiG-21, MiG-19, Huey, Soviet era AAA, and Hercs in Vietnam would be fantastic. You could have trucks in the jungle pretty well now.

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Oh man… I cant choose. they are all great choices. I will gladly lay down fiddy eurobux for each and every one of em.

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Gesundheit. :slight_smile:


Problem with 'Nam at present is we’ve got no Vietnam units. We’ve got mid 70s variant MiG-21, F-5 and UH-1, we’re getting a late 70s variant F-4, a MiG-19 and nothing else. It’d be awesome, no doubt, but it’s going to take a while to build up an asset library essentially from scratch.


Got all those programmers with nothing to do now that the big merge has occurred. (“Nothing to do” - totally tongue in cheek…)

I’m guessing we’ll see a cleaning up of a lot of the older assets that need updating first though… And it isn’t beyond the realm of someone like Razbam just tackling the whole thing…I mean, look at the assets they’ve developed for the Harrier. Here’s hoping anyway…

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A refueling pod and an LHA that doesn’t shoot back? :smiley:

I kid, I kid. I’m looking forward to their naval expansion too.

DCS currently has the assets to do the late Cold War really well, I think it’d behoove them the most to focus on expanding and polishing this area as best they could before shifting focus. Vietnam is an equally awesome and worthy area to expand, it’s just going to be a great deal of work for a company that’s taken 2+ years to release a single carrier model ( :smile: )

Oh Dog

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This is an easy choice.

How much of the northern Atlantic theater can we fit in one map?


Unpopular Opinion probably but… how about:

  • Malvinas Island


  • Israel

But as a crazy frakk for the Intruder I voted for Vietnam. :stuck_out_tongue: