DCS World new theater poll.

I believe you are referring to the Falkland Islands ;).


I really would love to see a combat sim of the Vietnam war. It is one of the most exciting eras of air warfare. Colorful, powerful jets, dogfights, steam gauges, a perfect blend of old methods and limited new emerging technologies, full of history. But I do not see it fitting well into what DCS currently is. There is currently not a single playable aircraft (variant) in DCS that participated in the Vietnam war, nor is there any in development, nor is there a meaningful number of other AI air or ground units. Realizing the Vietnam war in DCS would mean building almost everything completely from scratch. Almost a completely new sim. I simply do not see this happening anytime soon.

My favorite theater would be the North Cape map from Jane’s F/A-18:

It allows among other things for the defense of Norway from a Soviet invasion and the Battle of the Norwegian Sea, which would have been the largest naval battle since WWII. 3-4 US carrier battle groups were expected to operate in this area to stop any advance by the Soviet Northern Fleet’s submarine-, surface- and naval aviation-forces, as well as to support the land-defense of Northern Norway. There is room for the Northern Fleet’s home base at Murmansk with it’s surrounding naval aviation and interceptor bases. Once the Northern Fleet would have been attrited, US carriers were expected to move forward into the Barents Sea to strike the Soviet homeland itself. It works for all the US carrier aircraft, various USAF, Marines or other NATO deployments and a multitude of Soviet aircraft. And as the cherry on top, the theater even works for the Viggen to defend Norrland from a Soviet invasion/incursion (the Soviets might do a shortcut through neutral Finland/Sweden to outflank NATO defenses in Norway).

Next would be Kamchatka-Aleutians:

A less ambitious theater that would be a lot easier to implement, yet still very significant for Cold War carrier operations. Petropavlovsk is the homebase of the Soviet Pacific Fleet strategic submarine force and as such would have been a priority target for US carriers. Kamchatka features a large air base for a Soviet interceptor regiment and a Naval Aviation regiment, as well as multiple diversionary airbases for forward deployed Badger and Backfire maritime strike regiments. Shemya is a well equipped US airbase that frequently hosted recon and ASW detachments and would be a prime location for USAF or Marines fighter deployments in case of war. Shemya would also be a tempting target for Soviet amphibious operations as a stepping stone to advance further up the Aleutians chain.

Central Europe with East and West Germany would also be a dream map for me, but considering it’s size and complexity (home to 100 Mio people) it is probably beyond reach to ever see the light of day in a modern combat flight sim.


Can you imagine EF2K in DCS? Busting down those fjords… @Troll would have an unfair advantage…


I’d like them to add some variety to the terrain types, so I’d go with a pacific island theatre. We have a good mountainous terrain with Georgia, we have two deserts (NTTR and Persian Gulf), so something with more water than land would be fun, especially considering the emphasis on naval ops in the upcoming modules. Vietnam would be cool also, but the gulf of Tonkin would feel like the Black Sea just reversed :wink:

I’d like to see Israel, Sainai, Jordan and Lebanon. I could cook up some sweet Cold War scenerios there.

I’ll take any advantage I can get, fair or not…
EF2K rocked, BTW!

Hig! :grin: I had to take a jab at it.

I would love to see the Faulklands, but looking at the number of key planes missing from DCS is rather short. Vietnam would be nice too, but again, key planes missing.

It almost seems like Korea would be most fitting since we have some planes already. The P51 may easily be converted to a F51, as well as the others we have already.

I think it would be nice to take a break from European theater for a while, since we have so much of it over many years of IL2 and other sims covering WWI and WWI.

Need another Theatre for WWII. Pacific would be my vote. Especially the Philippines :slight_smile:

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I am ok with Persian Gulf, I mean lets cover Iraq, western Iran, then lets stretch it all the way to the Israel with addition of Sinai.

For this part of the world we already have some planes (I mean many) and there are some comin.

Even the WWII planes fits here.

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I wish for Fulda Gap and maybe covering most of GDR/FRG border.

I agree with MBot that the sheer size of populated areas probably will make this map not possible for the next few years…


Fulda Gap

  • Tornado
  • AH-64A

Give me a line of Apaches against the eastern bloc machine rolling through the gap and I’ll play that mission for years.
It would great expanding area for combined arms too.

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Oh but what a majestic surprise would it be if they would announce exactly an European map… :relieved:

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The Spratly Islands might be fun too. But again…you’d have to build a lot of Chinese assets…

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arent that chinese outfit, deka ironworks, doing exactly that?


I know they were making a J-something…but wasn’t aware of additional assets… It would stand to reason though!

They’ve already started adding ships in game, so there’s that.

I think I had a Jane’s-gasm :wink:

(albeit the Jane’s Longbow took place on the Poland/Ukraine border and mainly featured D-model, you still could fly the A-model if you wished)

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Half of China’s Airforce is Russian aircraft with new electronics. They added a J-11A, which is an Su-27. The J-11B is an Su-27 with indigenous electronics and weapons (fear the chamraam). Ditto for the Su-30MKK and J-15 (Su-33). Really the only new manufacture would be their JF-17, the J-10, J-8II and JH-7 along with some more ships.

Wouldn’t it be “amlaam” be more accurate?

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