DCS World VR Force IPD Distance

So this wee setting here:

Anyone play with it? I’ve not noticed it before, and with a quick play seems more related to ‘World Scale’ than actual distance between one’s pupils. Like it impacts the scale as seen by moving the Left/Right frustum distance or something.

I set it to something like 62 (my actual IPD I think) and the scale is pretty good. I feel like the A-10C actually feels a bit roomier than ever.

It also seems to be handy for clarity, as you can shorten your FOV a bit.

Hmm, anyway, thought I’d mention it just in-case people hadn’t played with it yet. It’s a setting you can change while in the sim, i.e. see the changes dynamically.


I think that IPD adjustment was put in there for scaling. I always felt the scale was very good, in DCS, so I left it at the same as my headset.

I experimented with it until the stick in the hog pit looked about the size of the one on my desk and… the ipd value was the same as on my headset! and that was set to a value I got from the optician whom I asked to measure it.

Obviously not this feature, but wasn’t there a sim out the (LOMAC?) that allowed you to scale up ground vehicles so that they were easier to spot. This was in the days of lower resolution screens so it may’ve gone the way of the buffalo.

…and since it has been rightfully pointed out to me that I use a lot of military and American slang in my posts, I am introducing a new Mudspike feature:

American Colloquialism of the Week: When an American says “gone the way of the buffalo” it means that it is something no longer around. An unfortunate fact of US history was the whole sale “hunting” of the American Bison, aka the Buffalo in the 1800s which greatly diminished the size and number of herds. So, not so many around anymore.

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Yup, object sizing in DCS went and bought the farm.

…which will be next week’s American Colloquialism of the Week

I played for an hour last night with the value forced to ‘30’ (my true IPD is like 60 something).

Pros: Everything clearer, as scale adjusted to be slightly closer to Hornet panels.

Cons: Went to bed with huge migraine (the nail through the eye type) caused by eye strain.

Summary: Don’t use this, I thought it might be a good idea for more Rift clarify. It isn’t. :slight_smile:

I can imagine this would cause severe eye strain…

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Yep, obvious on retrospect. Plus, I have to fit it over my horn even with that IPD setting…

I thought it might be pure ‘world scale’ and the IPD was a bit of a misnomer, but whatever it was it gave me a headache, so a PSA if anyone wanders into this topic in the future.


Actually setting it to your own measured IPD is great.

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I guess it is possible to adjust it slightly. Have you tried that?

Nope, because of eyestrain, the closer to your measured ipd, the better. Also better sense of scale that way. Just use VR zoom on a button to get a clear read of the label on that radio knob behind the throttle in the mirage.

I was using it wrong just as an experiment, in that the goal was to shift my view forward to see the panels better, as a sort of more variable and permanent VR zoom rather than the ‘push to zoom’ toggle we have now.

I could probably just set the initial seat position more forward using the ‘vr recenter’ to save the headache.


is indeed a far better solution to the problem. I have set voiceattack to make the impossible chord ctrl-alt-shift-v when I say recenter goggles and that’s what it does. If I want to fly head down, I lean back and up and tell it to recenter the goggles. that leaves me right with my nose in the dash when i sit normally.