New FLAK effects:


Cool. I have to admit it is a sim dream of mine to face the kind of AAA you saw on those CNN videos from the Gulf War. I’d love to fly an F-15E, F/A-18, or Tornado to Baghdad someday. Great to see progress on so many fronts lately.

And from Matt’s recent interview on The Flare Path:

RPS: MBot’s dynamic campaigns for DCS World seem popular. Have they influenced ED’s thinking at all?

Matt: While we certainly applaud his efforts, we have much bigger plans for DCS World on this front. We are pursuing much more ambitious plans that incorporate community, cause-and-effect continuity, strategic and tactical goals, player performance tracking and rewards, and accounting for time periods.

A bit too early to go into more detail, but this is very much a high priority for us moving forward post-2.5.

Exciting times!


Yeah, I have been waiting for this type of AAA for a long time, and hope it will open it up for more modern systems as well.


Oh Sith… you have no idea how happy seeing that new flak makes me! Now if we could only get a DCS B-17… I could die happy :smiley:


Looks pretty :slight_smile: did not seem to be too deadly though. Does it model actual flak damage ?


Oh Chuck, you have no idea how long I have been beating the FLAK drum behind the scenes, it makes me really happy to see it coming to life…


Oh yes, its deadly…


I’m glad someone is taking as much interest as myself in the WWII scene of DCS.


If a DCS level Crewable Flying Fortress is ever announced, someone will have to make sure I’m sitting down when receiving the news…


If razbam does the c130, might be a good start.


Plus the Yak will provide a radial engine model…


TB3 FTW :slight_smile:


Finally FlaK.


This is great. Together with the new fragmentation damage, this will hopefully pave the way for Cold War and modern AAA.


Plus the biplane will provide the… comedy?


Tonight on MudSpike,

A bunch of geeks re-enact the movie Memphis Belle.

And it would be glorious.


Who’s playing Samwise Gamegee? (he actually was in that movie… took me a while to recognize him)




I was actually impressed by Nathan Fillion in Saving Private Ryan. Yes, google it up, he’s in there.


WOW he was the wrong Ryan!