Heh, I happened to stumble upon that clip on youtube and was like : WTF? Is that… HIM?
A quick trip to IMDB.COM and yes he is.


And Simon Pegg was Soble’s Command Sargeant Major in Band of Brothers.


And Ted Danson played the Airborne company commander


Will our resident italian artiste draw the missing main landing gear as the wounded bomber makes it back to England? Or was that a different movie? :stuck_out_tongue:



It was a “Twilight Zone-like” thing Kevin Kostner co-produced.


Some of you may find this of interest while we are on the subject of WWII. I had a skin for IL2 from a famous pilot based at Acklington whose name escapes me now. This is one of 3 old WWII bases near me


Amazing Stories “The Mission” - written and directed by Steven Spielberg. Kevin Costner was the Pilot and Kiefer Sutherland as the Navigator.


I’m well over 6 foot, so no ball turrets for me!


Long time no updates. Soooo…

How about that A-8 ?
I think good choice. Was it planed from begining ?

Anyway, radial engine simulation was POCed on Yak, frame has some similarities with D-9 I gues, so why not.


I’m not sure how long it was planned for, was a pleasant surprise for even me when I first heard about it.


to set the mood

My question is, why are the online DCS WWII servers so empty ? E.g. BLUE FLAG Normandy.

Is it problem with the map ? with the planes ? with the comunity ? …


I wonder why people tend to measure success of a piece of (gaming) software only by it’s multiplayer popularity.

Also Il-2 BoX.


I was just watching a WWII PvP event on Twitch. Lots of cool stuff coming up for WWII end of things.


Couple reasons. There aren’t very many planes to choose from, you have to pay for the map, you have to pay for the AI units, and the player base is split between the more modern stuff and ww2.

Add to that, the market is pretty well cornered by IL2 at this point. DCS would have to do something exceptional to get more ww2 players online.

I mean if il2 introduced a modern scenario with 3 or 4 planes, you’d probably see a similar result. Majority of players wouldn’t be in the modern servers over their traditional mainstay.


I’m getting ready to embark on this. Let you know how it goes.


I think the big thing is cost of entry. Outside of the sale, a WW2 plane is $50, then $60 to get both the map and the assets. You’ve now spent $110 in a sim that is mostly focused on modern air combat. By contrast, IL2: BoS offers you 8 planes, a map, and assets for $50. In a package that’s a bit more accessible.

For me, I tried out the Spitfire as it was on sale and was the only WW2 module that didn’t have Starforce and while it’s interesting, I’m not intrigued enough to burn up extra money on Normandy and the WW2 assets.


I find IL2 to be better mainly because it’s smoother. IL2 seems to be able to handle quite a few ground units plus a host of planes and move it all along smoothly. I’ve been in a couple of 1v1 or 2v1 Normandy fights and lack of liquid smooth rates made gunnery difficult. I use VR and it might just be the way I have the settings dialed. I either don’t have or don’t notice these performance issues in DCS jets.


As @EinsteinEP pointed out, there is some pretty good gameplay with regards to the campaign in IL-2 BOS, which might explain why much of the crowd tilts towards that direction.

Dang…after that read, now I want to give it a whirl…


The campaign/career mode is pretty impressive.


Wait…whaa!? You don’t own IL2?