carefully raises hand


I’ll just throw out that I never even heard of the IL2 series until after I started playing DCS A-10C in 2013.


No, I own it…IL2: BoS and IL-2: CoD, I’ve just never really played them other than to grab a few screens. Maybe an hour or less. Never a campaign…


I’m waiting for Battle of Bodenplatte. DCS WW2 looks to be really expensive.


Can you use combined arms in the ww2 asset tanks?


Yes, although it still needs some love, but the units pack is still getting more units and such.


Got round to flying The Big Show mission 1 this week which is nicely done in general…but some advice.

You see NLS he is very good at taxiing into the back of me…despite my swerving. On the 3rd attempt to get to the runway in one piece I decided to take the grass route and let him take off first as he was so eager.

You see that weird bulge under the Spitfire - yep I noticed that about half way over the channel (thus didn’t put the ext fuel switch on doh) - that was not in game the last time I used the Spit. I kept it on for the dog fighting and scored one kill but the game crashed on the way back to blighty when I hit F10 so will try again soon.