Deadstick Bush Flightsimulator...

Anybody heard about this…?


Never heard about it but it looks great. Thanks for the heads up Troll! Will be keeping my eye on this one.


Who doesn’t love big ol tires? :slight_smile:

By the looks of the grass and shaders, it looks like an Unreal Engine 4 title. Exciting to see what they’ve come up with.


Good spot!
Now… Does UE4 support VR? :vr:

yeah, since the days of the DK1 :slight_smile:

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I knew a girl like that…

looks around to see the disapproval on everyone’s face-


I used to tow gliders in a Maule M6 with big tundra tires. To refuel I would go a nearby county airport that had a paved runway. Those tires gave the most satisfying “yelp” when you land on pavement. I learned that the faster I wheel-landed, the louder the yelp. Only later did I learn that those tires were many hundreds of bucks apiece.

For women, I prefer 5.00 x 5s.

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We prefer «High floatation»…


Ooooooh, she was a-floatin’ Aaaaaalriiiight :wink:

looks around to see the disapproval on everyone’s face-

Everything in excess of the size of a hand is a waste… :wink:

I prefer long landing gear struts… :crazy_face:

That is definitely not true!

Maybe your hands are smaller than mine? :slight_smile:


This has to be the most Italian thread ever. :smile: D


I thought @BeachAV8R’s “I’m at FEMA in the Caribbean” topic turning into "Nuclear Reactors: Past & Present’ was fairly Mudspikean, but this one is up there with it. :slight_smile:


FlightSim Preview : Deadstick Bush Flight Simulator

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"Multiplayer will be a big thing in Deadstick. Players will be able to communicate with one another via the aircraft radios across UNICOM, rather than speaking to Air Traffic Control as this will not be a feature of this simulator.

Multiplayer will consist of pilots flying around the different airfields completing jobs while upgrading their aircraft and going longer distances to earn more money."

We are gonna need a Mudspike Fly-In!


Looks nice.
Still no official word on VR…

I’m not sure what I think about hat 6X time speed?
Since it’s a very small map, perhaps flying in real time get’s boring?

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Kind of what I was thinking. Also I imagine the shift in light and weather will make it interesting.